Mega Man 10 PS3 Cheats


Unlock Playstation Home T-Shirts

Proto Man Shirt - Beat the game with Protoman.

Mega Man Shirt - Beat the game with Megaman.

Unlock Trophies

When You complete each condition set here You'll get the allotted Trophies.

Tenacious (Silver) - Clear the game without continuing.

Headbanging (Silver) - Defeat the 8 bosses without your helmet on.

Blue Bomber (Silver) - Clear the game in under an hour.

Mr. Perfect (Silver) - Clear the game without getting damaged.

Invincible (Silver) - Clear the game without dying.

Destroyer (Silver) - Defeat 1,000 enemies.

Hard Rock (Silver) - Make it to a boss room without getting damaged.

Superhero (Bronze) - Clear the game on HARD.

World Warrior (Bronze) - Defeat one of every type of enemy.

No Coffee Break (Bronze) - Clear the game without using any energy, mystery, or weapon tanks.

Trusty Sidearm (Bronze) - Defeat the 8 bosses with just your default weapon.

Whomp Wily! (Bronze) - Clear the game once.

Unlock Hard Difficulty

Successfully complete the game under the Normal difficulty setting.

Unlock Challenges

Complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the corresponding challenge in Challenge mode:

W Archive E - Reach the first Wily Archive under Easy difficulty.

W Archive H - Reach the first Wily Archive under Hard difficulty.

W Archive N - Reach the first Wily Archive under Normal difficulty.

Wily Capsule E - Reach Wily Capsule under Easy difficulty.

Wily Capsule H - Reach Wily Capsule under Hard difficulty.

Wily Capsule N - Reach Wily Capsule under Normal difficulty.

Wily Machine E - Reach Wily Machine under Easy difficulty.

Wily Machine H - Reach Wily Machine under Hard difficulty.

Wily Machine N - Reach Wily Machine under Normal difficulty.

Blade E - Reach Blade Man under Easy difficulty.

Blade H - Reach Blade Man under Hard difficulty.

Blade N - Reach Blade Man under Normal difficulty.

Block Devil E - Reach Block Devil under Easy difficulty.

Block Devil H - Reach Block Devil under Hard difficulty.

Block Devil N - Reach Block Devil under Normal difficulty.

Chill E - Reach Chill Man under Easy difficulty.

Chill H - Reach Chill Man under Hard difficulty.

Chill N - Reach Chill Man under Normal difficulty.

Commando E - Reach Commando Man under Easy difficulty.

Commando H - Reach Commando Man under Hard difficulty.

Commando N - Reach Commando Man under Normal difficulty.

Crab Puncher E - Reach Crab Puncher under Easy difficulty.

Crab Puncher H - Reach Crab Puncher under Hard difficulty.

Crab Puncher N - Reach Crab Puncher under Normal difficulty.

Nitro E - Reach Nitro Man under Easy difficulty.

Nitro H - Reach Nitro Man under Hard difficulty.

Nitro N - Reach Nitro Man under Normal difficulty.

Octobulb H - Reach Octobulb (Sheep Man stage) under Hard difficulty.

Pump E - Reach Pump Man under Easy difficulty.

Pump H - Reach Pump Man under Hard difficulty.

Pump N - Reach Pump Man under Normal difficulty.

Sheep E - Reach Sheep Man under Easy difficulty.

Sheep H - Reach Sheep Man under Hard difficulty.

Sheep N - Reach Sheep Man under Normal difficulty.

Solar E - Reach Solar Man under Easy difficulty.

Solar H - Reach Solar Man under Hard difficulty.

Solar N - Reach Solar Man under Normal difficulty.

Strike E - Reach Strike Man under Easy difficulty.

Strike H - Reach Strike Man under Hard difficulty.

Strike N - Reach Strike Man under Normal difficulty.

Suzak and Fenix H - Reach Suzak and Fenix (Solar Man Stage) under Hard difficulty.

The Keeper H - Reach The Keeper Man (Strike Man Stage) under Hard difficulty.

TriCastle H - Reach TriCastle (Blade Man Stage) under Hard difficulty.