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Fortnite 6.30 Content Update Patch Notes: Wild West Limited Time Mode and More

The Fortnite 6.30 Content Update patch notes have now been shared by developer Epic Games. These new Fortnite update patch notes detail the significant amount of content that players will soon be able to enjoy, much of which revolves around a Wild West theme. Downtime is expected while the patch is rolled out. If this does happen, players won’t be able to matchmake for around 1-2 hours. Now let’s get into those new Fortnite patch notes!

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update Patch Notes) – Wild West Limited Time Mode

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update

The new Fortnite Wild West limited time mode has been added to the game with the 6.30 Content Update. Weapons and items have been restricted to reflect the theme. That means players will only be able to wield the Hunting Rifle, Pump Shotgun, Double Barrel Shotgun, Six Shooter, and Minigun. Items include the Campfire, Bandages, Medical Kits, Dynamite, and Slurp Juice.

Find yourself a Supply Drop to be in with a chance of finding an Epic Six Shooter, a Legendary Double Barrel Shotgun or Minigun, or some Slurp Juice.

Aside from the above limitations, the Wild West mode should play out like your normal Battle Royale matches. It’s time to become the master of Wild West!

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update Patch Notes – Dynamite

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update

If you’re big into your explosives, then you’ll be eager to learn that Fortnite dynamite is now a thing. While it may sound like a new emote based on a funky dance, dynamite is actually a new grenade type implemented with the Fortnite 6.30 Content Update. “Light the fuse and wait for the boom!” the official description reads.

When looking at the Fortnite dynamite stats, and just how much damage it does, it seems pretty damn powerful. It is Uncommon in rarity, as is found in stacks of three. Search floor loot, chests, Vending Machines, Supply Llamas, and Supply Drops for a chance at finding the new explosive.

Dynamite does 70 damage to players and 800 damage to structures. The explosion is in the shape of a flat cylinder, at 1600 units in diameter and 386 units in height. The fuse lasts five seconds, which seems like a decent chunk of time for players to get away from the blast. I think this weapon is intended to punish those heavily barricaded within cover, as campers will be less likely to make a quick escape. The Dynamite throw range is shorter than standard grenades, which users should bear in mind!

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update Patch Notes – Scavenger Pop-Up Cup Duos Tournament

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update

The more competitive players out there will want to check out the new tournament event. Adjustments have been made to the Scavenger game mode, which includes the material cap being reduced from 500 to 300, as well as the drop count of Clingers and standard grenades being increased from 3 to 5.

In addition to this, the safe zone has also been tweaked. The radius of Circle 3 has been dropped from 20000 to 15000, while Circle 4’s radius is now 7500, down from 10000. Circle 4 is now the first circle partially outside of the previous safe zone. This used to be Circle 5.

Epic Games has also increased the chances of Supply Drops in later circles, and Circle 9 now travels twice as far, but takes twice as long to close.

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update Patch Notes – 8 Bit Demo

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update

Save the World players will see that 8 Bit Demo has made a return in the Fortnite 6.30 Content Update. This hero is an explosive expert who groups enemies with Decoy before finishing them with a hail of missiles. You can purchase the 8 Bit Demo starting Wednesday, November 21, up until Wednesday, November 28. The deadline is 7 PM ET.

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update Patch Notes – Ghost Pistol

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update

The Ghost Pistol has been added to the Save the World Weekly Store. This is a slow-firing pistol that shoots ghostly projectiles that can pass through walls and enemies. It will be available starting Wednesday, November 21, up until Wednesday, November 28. The deadline is, again, 7 PM ET.

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update Patch Notes – Winter Is Coming

Fortnite 6.30 Content Update

Despite rumors pointing towards a possible snow biome making its way into the game, Epic Games hasn’t yet mentioned anything about a winter season. It’s possible that we’ll hear more about that as December rolls around. For now, download and install the update, and go enjoy the Wild West!

[via Epic Games]