Box art - Fallout 76

Is There a Fallout 76 Dog Companion on the Way?

Is a Fallout 76 dog companion about to be patched into the game? That’s the question on many of the game’s players minds after a supposed find in Bethesda’s online multiplayer title. Is the rumor true? Here’s our guide on whether a dog companion update is inbound.

Which Previous Fallout Games Have Had a Dog Companion?

There’s been a recurring dog companion throughout the Fallout series in the form of Dogmeat. Dogmeat has turned up as an NPC in three of the four previous games in the main series, while also showing up as an Easter egg in Fallout 2.

In Fallout 4, Dogmeat took the form of a German Shepherd, and followed you around the wastelands. Thankfully, Dogmeat couldn’t die in Fallout 4 – a change from the franchise’s previous installments – and led to a collective sigh of relief from the fanbase. Who wants to see their loyal friend die in a video game anyway?

Fallout 76 Dog Companion – What’s the Rumor, and is it True?

The rumor of a potential Fallout 76 dog companion stems from this image on Imgur. The user in question found what is referred to as a “dog helmet” and, when they tried to equip it, they were informed that they couldn’t due to its size.

Does this mean that Dogmeat, or a new dog, could be patched into the game? It is a possibility. Dogs are present in Fallout 76, and show up in the Appalachia region of the map. The potential for one that follows you around and doesn’t die, though, isn’t looking likely.

Bethesda will want to ensure that all bugs and problems that players are currently facing are sorted first. Given that there’s plenty of them, and that the game’s full release only occurred on November 14, it may be some time before Fallout 76 is the game it wants to be. Trying to add in an extra character – one who would follow around every player in the game and thus mean that some teams have at least three or four dogs following them – would place a strain on the servers. Bethesda need to resolve current problems first, before even considering this kind of idea.