The Spiderwick Chronicles Wii Cheats



If You complete the indicated task You'll get the allotted gamerscore.

Ball Bearings Enthusiast (10) - Collect 25 Ball Bearings.

Beetle Mimic Collector (10) - Record all Beetle Mimic Sprites.

Ball Bearings Collector (10) - Collect 50 Ball Bearings.

Bellflower Collector (10) - Record all Bellflower Sprites.

Faerie Fruit Enthusiast (10) - Collect 10 Faerie Fruit.

Fire Salamander Master (10) - Complete the Fire Salamander page in the Field Guide.

Flower-Head Collector (10) - Record all Flower-Head Sprites.

Flower-Winged Sprite Collector (10) - Collect all Flower-Winged Sprites.

Goblin Killer (10) - Collect 100 Goblin Teeth.

Chapter Five Complete (10) - Tame the Griffin.

Chapter Four Complete (10) - Find Aunt Lucinda.

Chapter One Complete (10) - Find the Field Guide.

Chapter Seven Complete (10) - Defeat Mulgarath!

Chapter Six Complete (10) - Return to the Mansion.

Chapter Three Complete (10) - Burn the Field Guide.

Chapter Two Complete (10) - Obtain the Monocle.

Tree Folk

The Cypress Tree folk are found in the middle of the pond in the Deep Woods. It will teleport you to the Griffin's perch. The Oak Tree Folk are also in the Deep Woods but are blocked by brown bushes, each guarded by a Stray Sod. This one will lead you to the end of the Cellar Tunnels.