Apple App Store Down Fix – Are the App Store Servers Down?

Reports that the Apple App Store is down have been spreading across the internet. Many online are having issues connecting to App Store servers, or have been unable to login to Apple services. Apple is aware there are some issues with their services currently. So is the Apple App Store down? We have more information regarding the problem and affected services below.

Apple App Store Down – What Services Are Affected

Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac users noticed issues with several services provided by Apple earlier this evening. The iOS App Store, Apple Music, and Mac App Store have all been facing issues with connectivity and making purchases.

Reddit users have been saying that other services including Apple TV have been suffering as well. Apple UK and US seem to be aware of the issues, and have posted service bulletins on their website. Others online, including some in Malaysia, have noticed issues cropping up as well.

Those facing problems with the App Store have been seeing the image below. Little information regarding the problems has come from Apple itself, except that they are aware of connection issues.

App Store Down: cannot connect to App Store.

Apple App Store Down – How to Contact Apple Support

While the company seems to be aware of issues, the best way to notify the company is through their support channels. Apple’s support page is a good place to start, but we also have a number of ways to contact the company. The United States support number is 1-800-275-2273 and the UK number is 0800 107 6285. An online chat option is available from the company as well. If you are on Twitter, @AppleSupport would be a good account to contact.

The Apple support Twitter account is especially helpful because you can also see other users problems and Apple’s response. Issues with the store and other services continue to flood the Apple Support account, so if you are still experiencing issues, chances are you aren’t the only one.