Adventure Island: The Beginning Wii Cheats


Unlock Feats/Clothes

Action Star - Beat 10 different stages without taking any damage.

Fancy Flyer - Fly for 10 seconds.

Watermelon Thief?! - Pick up a watermelon in 10 different stages. A watermelon appears if you pick up all other food in a stage.

Speed Boarder - Finish Skateboard Survival under 40 seconds.

Weapon Collector - Fully upgrade all three main weapons and buy the two additional ones.

Weaponless Master - Beat a level without having or picking up a weapon.

Gladiator - Kill every type of non-boss enemy in the game.

Mr. 16-Shot - Score 16.0 or higher in Rapid Fire Ruins.

Perfect Shooter - Score over 30,000 on Axe Attack.

Island Harvest - Score over 1,500 on Fruit Grabber.

Master Chef - Kill 50 DenDen (Minor enemies).

Melon Maniac - Collect all 100 Gold Melons.

Rock Breaker - Destroy 50 rolling boulders.

Treasure Hunter - Find all hidden eggs in all stages.

Adventure Island Pro - Beat the special stage.

Adventure Island Hero - Beat the final boss.