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Pokemon Let’s Go Silph Co. Teleport Puzzle Solution – Key Card Location

The Silph Co. teleporter puzzle has made its way into Pokemon Let’s Go, albeit in a somewhat different form. A series of teleporters and locked doors that require a card key prevent you from making your way to the president’s office to take down Giovanni. Furthermore, things are complicated by the large amount of Team Rocket members and scientists that want to do battle. Below we’ll show you where to get the Silph Co. Card Key, and what teleporters you need to take to get to the president’s office on the 11th floor.

Pokemon Let’s Go Silph Co. Card Key Location

Pokemon Let's Go Key Card Location

Once you’ve fought Blue and gained access to the elevator and stairs, you’ll need to get the keycard. To do so, you’ll have to head up to the 5th floor. Once there, go to your left, and you’ll see Archer, the Team Rocket admin, and a Team Rocket Grunt talking. Your rival will show up, and you’ll have to take on both of them at the same time.

These two have the following Pokemon:

Team Rocket Grunt

  • Muk – Level 34
  • Raticate – Level 34

Team Rocket Admin Archer

  • Electrode – Level 37
  • Weezing – Level 37
  • Golbat – Level 37

Once you take them down, they’ll run off. After they’re gone, you’ll automatically pick up the Silph Co. Card Key. With it, you can open all the locked doors in the building.

What Order to Use the Teleporters in the Silph Co. Building in Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let's Go 3rd Floor Teleporter

There’s plenty of items you can grab hidden around the Silph co. Building, but we’re going to show you the shortest way to get to Giovanni on the 11th Floor. To do so, you must first return head down to the 3rd floor. Once on the 3rd floor, go down into the corridor and unlock the door on the left and use the only teleporter in this room.

Pokemon Let's Go Rival Admin Location

You will be teleported to a room containing Archer. This time around your rival will show up and hold Archer off so you can continue ahead. Take the bottom teleporter, and you’ll be taken to the 11th-floor corridor outside the president’s office.

Pokemon Let's Go Jesse and James Silph Co

You’ll then run into Jessie and James who will fight you in a double battle. They only have one Pokemon each, a level 36 Arbok and a level 36 Weezing.

After you take out Jesse and James (again), you can go into the president’s office to take on Giovanni. He has the following team:

  • Persian – Level 39
  • Rhyhorn – Level 39
  • Nidoqueen – Level 39

After you defeat him, Team Rocket will leave the Silph Co. Building, and the president will reward you with the Master Ball.

Pokemon Let's Go Lapras

Once you have the Master Ball, make sure to go back down to the 7th floor and talk to the man in the picture above. He’ll give you a Lapras completley free of charge.