Box art - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee

Pokemon Let’s Go Nature Lady – Where is She?

The Pokemon Let’s Go Nature Lady, as she has come to be known online, provides Pokemon Let’s Go players with a truly unique and valuable service. For the modest price of $10,000, she will determine the nature of the next Pokemon you catch. For those who don’t know much about natures in Pokemon, a Pokemon’s nature influences their stats in both negative and positive ways.

Although some natures are neutral, most will increase a single stat at the expense of decreasing another one. Having control over your Pokemon’s nature is incredibly valuable if you intend to use it for competitive battling. Here’s everything you need to know about the Nature Lady in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

Pokemon Let’s Go Nature Lady – Where is She?

The Pokemon Let’s Go Nature Lady can be found in Celadon City. After entering the Pokemon Center, players will see a woman to the left who has the same sprite as the Channelers found in Pokemon Tower. Talking to her will cause her to reveal her secret nature service, which she’s more than happy to provide if you’ll throw her 10k.

It seems steep, but Poke money isn’t like real money. In fact, you’ll make this much from a single Elite Four battle or post-game Gym battle, so it’s not much at all. If it means you can control your Pokemon’s nature, it will ultimately allow you to get a much stronger Pokemon in the long run. Here’s a full list of Pokemon natures with descriptions of what they do:

  • Adamant—Boosts Attack, lowers Special Attack
  • Brave—Boosts Attack, lowers Speed
  • Lonely—Boosts Attack, lowers Defense
  • Naughty—Boosts Attack, lowers Special Defense
  • Bold—Boosts Defense, lowers Attack
  • Lax—Boosts Defense, lowers Special Defense
  • Relaxed—Boosts Defense, lowers Speed
  • Impish—Boosts Defense, lowers Special Attack
  • Timid—Boosts Speed, lowers Attack
  • Hasty—Boosts Speed, lowers Defense
  • Jolly—Boosts Speed, lowers Special Attack
  • Naive—Boosts Speed, lowers Special Defense
  • Mild—Boosts Special Attack, lowers Defense
  • Quiet—Boosts Special Attack, lowers Speed
  • Rash—Boosts Special Attack, lowers Special Defense
  • Modest—Boosts Special Attack, lowers Attack
  • Gentle—Boosts Special Defense, lowers Defense
  • Calm—Boosts Special Defense, lowers Attack
  • Sassy—Boosts Special Defense, lowers Speed
  • Careful—Boosts Special Defense, lowers Special Attack
  • Hardy—Neutral
  • Docile—Neutral
  • Serious—Neutral
  • Bashful—Neutral
  • Quirky—Neutral

The Pokemon Let’s Go Nature Lady will let you choose which nature the next Pokemon you catch will have, so using the above list will allow you to decide which nature would be best for the Pokemon you plan on catching.