Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

To enable these cheats hit [Enter] and type: (+ turns cheats on, - turns them off)

+mouse - Enable mouse

+rings - Enable selection rings

+potionaholic - 3 of Super Mana & Super Heal Potions

+gui - Add/Remove GUI

+resizelabels - Increase the Character Name Font Size if L is active

+zool - Invincible

+chunky - Always chunky

+superchunky - Chunk factor

+xrayvision - No textures

+minjooky - Char very small

+version - Game version

+drdeath - Get 150 of all!

+shootall - Clicks not required

+sixdemonbag - Get six powerfull summon spells

+loefervision - No fog

+maxjooky - Char very big

+checksinthemail - 999999 Gold

+faertehbadgar - 4 Rings, Cap, Rags, Boots, Bow, more

+sniper - All characters can shoot enemy from great distance

+movie - Record a movie (use -movie to stop)