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Fallout 76 What to Do with Pre-War Money

What are you supposed to do with Fallout 76 pre-war money? An oddity among the huge list of available in-game items, Fallout 76 pre-war money is a carryover from a time before the bombs dropped. It’s relatively easy to find, but does it have any value? As it turns it, it does, but it’s probably not the type of value that most players would expect.

What Should You Do With Fallout 76 Pre-War Money?

There’s very little that can actually be done with Fallout 76 pre-war money. Before the bombs dropped and the earth was scorched, cash was very much a valuable commodity. It was presumably used for all the uses it carries here in the still-intact real world. After the nukes dropped and centralized government and banking disappeared, however, paper money became almost entirely useless. After all, who wants a stack of greenbacks when there’s nothing it can be used for? Paper money can’t feed a family or build a shelter, after all.

This is the main problem with Fallout 76 pre-war money: it has no value. It is junk, and is listed as such in-game. In fact, checking pre-war money out in the inventory screen shows a base value of exactly zero. Ouch. As it turns out, the only real value that pre-war money has in scrapping. Wasteland survivors can scrap any pre-war money they find to be given one unit of Cloth.

It might seem a little odd to consider that Fallout 76 pre-war money has absolutely no monetary value. That’s sort of the point, though. What has come to dominate life in the modern world is essentially useless in a post-apocalyptic survival scenario. It would make sense if it could be accepted at vending machines or vending robots, but it isn’t. Aside from its purpose in scrapping to pick up some quick Cloth, Fallout 76 pre-war money is basically useless.