Family Game Night Wii Cheats


My Room Collectibles

Battleship Statue - You Won At Battleship While Keeping at least 3 of your fleet afloat.

Battleship Clock - You won a game of Battleship with two adjacent ships still afloat.

Battleship Carpet - Sink all ships in Salvo with 4 turns.

Battleship Chair - You Sunk A Ship Longer than 3 Units Without Missing.

Battleship Coatrack - You hit a ship on your first turn.

Battleship Pillow - Play super weapons and use all weapons in 1 game.

Battleship Lamp - Win salvo with submarine still afloat.

Battleship Mug - You won a game of battleship against a friend.

Battleship Picture - You have won 20 games of battleship.

Battleship Poster - You sunk your opponents destroyer before any of their other ships.

Battleship Slippers - Play super weapons and don't fall for a decoy.

Boggle Picture - You have won 50 multiplayer games of boggle.

Boggle Pillow - You Scored 10 3-Letter Words In One Round Of Boggle.

Boggle Carpet - Uncover 3/4 of the words (75%) of the available words in Boggle.

Boggle Chair - You have won Boggle with 20 3-letter words.

Boggle Clock - You finished a game of boggle scoring only 5 letter words.

Boggle Coatrack - You spelled a 9 letter word in boggle.

Boggle Lamp - You won 10 games of boggle with portal cubes turned on.

Boggle Mug - You won one game of boggle.

Boggle Poster - You have won a total of 5 games of boggle.

Boggle Slippers - You shook the boggle box for longer than 10 seconds.

Boggle Statue - You scored 5 6-letter words in one round of Boggle.

Connect 4 Mug - You have won a game of connect 4.

Connect 4 Picture - You won a game of Power Chips by using all of the Power Chips types.

Connect 4 Carpet - Won Connect 4 With Horizontal Line Of 7 Pieces.

Connect 4 Pillow - You drew by filling the Connect 4 grid.

Connect 4 Poster - You have won 10 games of connect 4.

Connect 4 Chair - You Connected 4 In Under 2 Minutes.

Connect 4 Clock - You connected 4 in under 30 seconds.

Connect 4 Coatrack - You have won 50 games of connect 4.

Connect 4 Lamp - You have won connect 4 by connecting 5.

Connect 4 Slippers - You have won 4 single player connect 4 games in a row.

Connect 4 Statue - You have won 5 multiplayer games of Connect 4.

Sorry Sliders Coatrack - You won a game of Sorry Sliders without falling into the instant sorry target hole.

Sorry Sliders Lamp - You knocked 4 pawns of the same color out in one game of Sorry Sliders.

Sorry Sliders Mug - Finish a game of battle boxes without collecting any power ups.

Sorry Sliders Picture - You have won 20 games at SorrySliders.

Sorry Sliders Pillow - You finished a game of sorry sliders having used all the power ups.

Sorry Sliders Carpet - You won at sorry sliders without sending any blue pawns home.

Sorry Sliders Clock - You won sorry sliders in under 5 minutes.

Sorry Carpet - You used sorry! on an opponent within one round of them using Sorry! on one of your pawns.

Sorry Chair - You sent two pawns of each color back to the start in one Sorry game.

Sorry Clock - You won a Sorry! multiplayer game in under 10 minutes.

Sorry Coatrack - You used a yellow slide in Sorry! to send an opponent back to start.

Sorry Lamp - You won at sorry without sending a green pawn back to start.

Sorry Mug - You won one game of Sorry.

Sorry Picture - You won at sorry after moving one pawn of each color back to the start.

Sorry Pillow - You finished sorry! without sending any of one teams pawns back to start.

Sorry Poster - You won 5 multiplayer games of sorry.

Sorry Slider Chair - Knocked out 1 pawn of each color with 1 slide.

Sorry Sliders Poster - You won a game of sorry! sliders without being sent back to start.

Sorry Sliders Slippers - You have played Sorry Sliders for a total time of 1 hour.

Sorry Sliders Statue - You have used the sorry sliders ice pawn 10 times.

Sorry Slippers - Used all sorry bonus cards in 1 game.

Sorry Statue - You sent an opponent's pawn back to the start in sorry.

Yahtzee Carpet - Rolled A Small Straight Starting With 1.

Yahtzee Mug - You won one game of Yahtzee against a friend.

Yahtzee Picture - You have won 50 games of Yahtzee.

Yahtzee Pillow - You filled a chance category with a score higher than 24.

Yahtzee Poster - You have won 5 games against a friend.

Yahtzee Slippers - You shook Yahtzee dice more than 10 seconds.

Yahtzee Chair - You rolled a full house with only 1's and 2's.

Yahtzee Clock - You rolled a large straight ending on a 6.

Yahtzee Coatrack - You rolled a Yahtzee with all sixes.

Yahtzee Lamp - You have played Yahtzee for over an hour total.

Yahtzee Statue - You Rolled 3 Yahtzees In one game.