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Pokemon Let’s Go – Go Park Location

You may have heard that in Pokemon Let’s Go you’ll eventually be able to transfer Pokemon over from the mobile game Pokemon Go. To do this you’ll need to first find the Go Park location in the Pokemon world.

The Go Park essentially replaces the Safari Zone from the original games so if you’re familiar with that you probably already know exactly where to go. If not read on to find out about transferring Pokemon and how to get to the Go Park location.

Where is the Go Park in Pokemon Let’s Go?

The Go Park is located in Fuschia City, which is the bottom centre city on the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee map of Kanto.

Pokemon Let's Go - Go Park Location MAP

Fuschia City is the 5th city in the Pokemon Let’s Go gym order so you won’t be able to access the path until about half-way through your gym quest.

To get to Fuschia City you will need to have gotten the Pokeflute to get past Snorlax (find out how here). You can then take either the route to the west of Celadon city straight down to Fuschia or you can take the longer path to the east of Vermillion to the south.

Pokemon Let's Go - Go Park Location Entrance

Once in Fuschia city hug the northern barrier until you’re about in the centre and you’ll see an area with many Pokemon hanging about. They aren’t for battling though, so head into the centre building and there you can talk to the receptionist to enter a Go Park.

Pokemon Let's Go - Go Park Location complex

How to Use the Go Park in Pokemon Let’s Go

The receptionist here will explain the basics but essentially you have 20 parks that can hold Pokemon.

Ask to “Bring Pokemon” and select the park you want to use, then swap to your mobile device.

If you open up your Pokemon Go mobile app and navigate to your Pokemon screen you should see an icon to the top left that looks like a Switch. This will allow you to select Pokemon to transfer to Pokemon Let’s Go.

Pokemon Let's Go - Go Park Location pogo

Note: You can not transfer these Pokemon back to Pokemon Go. They are gone forever.

Once you’ve chosen the Pokemon choose to transfer choose to do so, then jump back over to the switch and choose to “Start Communication” the app and your switch should connect and ask make the transfer.

Pokemon Let's Go - Go Park Location start

Then choose to ‘enter a Go Park’ at reception to go in and catch them manually.

You can also transfer 25 of the same Pokemon to a Go Park to be able to play mini-games.