Heroes of Might and Magic III,Heroes of Might & Magic III PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

Press [TAB] while playing and then type in the following codes:

nwctim - Hero gains all magic and 999 spell points

nwcfleshwound - Hero gains Death Knights

nwcphisherprice - Brighter colors

nwctrojanrabbit - Immediate success

nwcavertingoureyes - Hero gains extra 35 archangel

nwcantioch - Hero gains tent, ballista and ammo

nwcigotbetter - Hero gains 1 level up

nwccastleanthrax - Hero gains highest luck

nwconlyamodel - Build all buildings in your castle

nwcsirrobin - Immediate failure

nwcalreadygotone - See the full revealed secret item map

nwcgeneraldirection - See the full map

nwcshrubbery - All sources increased

nwccoconuts - Hero gains unlimited move points

nwcmuchrejoicing - Hero gains top morale

Cheat Menu

Add /nwcgrail to your Shadow of Death shortcut (ie: "C:SoDhomm3.exe" /nwcgrail), then load the game and press F4. While in Windowed mode a new "Cheat Menu" option will appear along with the other commands at the top.