Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

Go to the game folder and you'll find game.exe file in the "bin" subfolder. Right click on it and select "Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)" to make a desktop shortcut. Now, right click on that shortcut on your desktop, select properties and a new screen should pop up. Add the " -cheater" parameter (without the quotes) at the end of the target field so it looks similar to this:

"C:Program FilesTHIEFHired Gunsbingame.exe" -cheater

Also, make sure that the "Start In" field points to the main game directory, ie:

"C:Program FilesTHIEFHired Guns"

Click "Apply" to save the changes and run the game using that shortcut. Press [~] while playing to bring down the console and enter your codes:

cheater <on/off> - Enable/disable cheating.

showall <on/off> - Unknown.

finish <win/lose> - Unknown.

grave - Close the console.

exit - Quit the game.

heal <person> [points] - Sets the health points of the mercenary specified.

gainxp <person> [experience] - Gives experience points to the mercenary specified.

setPersonHealth <person> <points> - Sets the health points of the mercenary specified.

kill <person> - Kills the specified person.

gameStage <#> - Unknown.