Lord of the Rings: Return of the King PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

To use these You'll have to press [Esc] to pause game play during a level, then hold [Left Shift] + [Left Ctrl] + [Left Alt] and enter one of the following codes on the [Keypad] to activate the corresponding cheat function. A metallic sound will confirm correct code entry.

All upgrades (must have completed game) : Any : 8967

Always Devasting (must have completed game) : Any : 6869

Infinite Missiles (must have completed game) : Any : 7795

Invulnerable (must have completed game) : Any : 7578

Perfect Mode (must have completed game) : Any : 5964

Enemy Debug Mode (must have completed game) : Any : 9587

Restore Health (must have completed game) : Any : 7755

Toggle Level 2 Skills : Merry : 5977

Toggle Level 2 Skills : Aragorn : 5646

Toggle Level 2 Skills : Sam : 5456

Toggle Level 2 Skills : Gandalf : 9646

Toggle Level 2 Skills : Pippin : 9498

Toggle Level 2 Skills : Legolas : 7757

Toggle Level 2 Skills : Gimli : 8577

Toggle Level 2 Skills : Frodo : 6895

Toggle Level 2 Skills : Faramir : 4749

Toggle Level 4 Skills : Legolas : 9944

Toggle Level 4 Skills : Aragorn : 9757

Toggle Level 4 Skills : Merry : 7459

Toggle Level 4 Skills : Sam : 8974

Toggle Level 4 Skills : Gimli : 6798

Toggle Level 4 Skills : Frodo : 6859

Toggle Level 4 Skills : Gandalf : 6874

Toggle Level 4 Skills : Pippin : 4999

Toggle Level 4 Skills : Faramir : 4477

Restore Missiles (once only) : Gimli : 5554

Restore Missiles (once only) : Merry : 7556

Restore Missiles (once only) : Pippin : 8597

Restore Missiles (once only) : Gandalf : 6947

Restore Missiles (once only) : Aragorn : 6776

Restore Missiles (once only) : Faramir : 6844

Restore Missiles (once only) : Legolas : 6669

Restore Missiles (once only) : Frodo : 6665

Restore Missiles (once only) : Sam : 4454

Toggle 3 Hit Combo : Gandalf : 9469

Toggle 3 Hit Combo : Aragorn : 7958

Toggle 3 Hit Combo : Frodo : 7967

Toggle 3 Hit Combo : Faramir : 7686

Toggle 3 Hit Combo : Legolas : 7665

Toggle 3 Hit Combo : Sam : 7457

Toggle 3 Hit Combo : Gimli : 8757

Toggle 3 Hit Combo : Pippin : 8875

Toggle 3 Hit Combo : Merry : 6486

Unlock Secret Character (once only) : Frodo : 6555

Toggle co-op experience share : Any : 9444

Toggle co-op health share : Any : 6877

Toggle Level 6 Skills : Pippin : 5656

Toggle Level 6 Skills : Aragorn : 5677

Toggle Level 6 Skills : Legolas : 9589

Toggle Level 6 Skills : Merry : 9976

Toggle Level 6 Skills : Sam : 9988

Toggle Level 6 Skills : Frodo : 9946

Toggle Level 6 Skills : Gimli : 9697

Toggle Level 6 Skills : Gandalf : 6648

Toggle Level 6 Skills : Faramir : 6495

Toggle Level 8 Skills : Frodo : 5599

Toggle Level 8 Skills : Sam : 5566

Toggle Level 8 Skills : Faramir : 5999

Toggle Level 8 Skills : Gandalf : 5799

Toggle Level 8 Skills : Merry : 9647

Toggle Level 8 Skills : Legolas : 7889

Toggle Level 8 Skills : Pippin : 7885

Toggle Level 8 Skills : Aragorn : 8768

Toggle Level 8 Skills : Gimli : 4597

Toggle 4 Hit Combo : Frodo : 9795

Toggle 4 Hit Combo : Gandalf : 9685

Toggle 4 Hit Combo : Merry : 7477

Toggle 4 Hit Combo : Sam : 8966

Toggle 4 Hit Combo : Aragorn : 8769

Toggle 4 Hit Combo : Gimli : 6784

Toggle 4 Hit Combo : Legolas : 4567

Toggle 4 Hit Combo : Faramir : 4784

Toggle 4 Hit Combo : Pippin : 4495

Unlock all Actor Interviews (once only) : n/a : 4748

Unlock Secret Character (once only) : Frodo : 5774

Unlock Secret Character (once only) : Pippin : 6579

Unlock Secret Character (once only) : Merry : 4994

Unlock Secret Character (once only) : Faramir : 4466

Toggle Special Abilities : Gimli : 5745

Toggle Special Abilities : Aragorn : 9566

Toggle Special Abilities : Pippin : 7456

Toggle Special Abilities : Sam : 8545

Toggle Special Abilities : Gandalf : 8965

Toggle Special Abilities : Faramir : 8758

Toggle Special Abilities : Merry : 8655

Toggle Special Abilities : Legolas : 6545

Toggle Special Abilities : Frodo : 6494

Infinite co-op respawns : Any : 5785

+1000 experience points (once only) : Gimli : 5564

+1000 experience points (once only) : Gandalf : 5689

+1000 experience points (once only) : Merry : 9974

+1000 experience points (once only) : Frodo : 9689

+1000 experience points (once only) : Faramir : 7687

+1000 experience points (once only) : Aragorn : 8764

+1000 experience points (once only) : Sam : 6494

+1000 experience points (once only) : Pippin : 6474

+1000 experience points (once only) : Legolas : 4684

Unlock Four-Hit Combo

To unlock Four-Hit combo for Aragorn pause the game and enter 8, 7, 6, 9.


Palantir of Saruman Level

Successfully complete the game by finishing the Crack Of Doom level.

Play as Faramir

Successfully complete the game.

Play as Pippin

Successfully complete the game.

Andy Serkis Interview

Successfully complete the game.

Billy Boyd Interview

Successfully complete the game.

Dom Monaghan Interview

Successfully complete the game.

Quick Start

Start the game with the +forcemenu main command line parameter to start the game faster.

Play as Aragorn as the King in Every Level

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Enter the "player" directory in the game folder. Rename the "char_ara.scw" file into something like "char_araa.scw". Then, rename the "char_arc.scw to "char_ara.scw". Finally, rename the "char_araa.scw" file to "char_arc.scw". The game's textures now have swapped names. Select Aragorn as the character that you wish to play. Aragorn has now been crowned before he ever did anything. Note: Now that the textures have changed, some things might go wrong. For example, Aragorn is unable to climb ladders; he still can do Orc Bane but will not perform the move where he will stands still until the enemy is dead; etc.

Black Gate

There are two checkpoints in this level, but it is still difficult. First, you will have to defeat a big, black caped enemy. He is very easy to defeat if you use fierce attacks. Then, you must defeat six fat Orcs with green health bars above their heads. As they approach, you will have to fight many Orcs and protect your friends. Their health bar will be at the top of the screen. When it gets low, go to them and help them kill the Orcs. When you stand next to your friend, he will glow and get health. Make sure you stay next to him to get his health up. After three big Orcs are destroyed, the Orcs will attack ou from three different directions. Keep helping your friends and killing Orcs. Once you have killed all six fat Orcs, you will reach a checkpoint. Three Nazgul will appear. Kill them by shooting your ranged weapon (arrows or axes). Once all three of them are killed, the level will end.

Cirith Ungol: Easy Kills

As Sam, wait for someone to knock over another Orc then run up and quickly kill him. Eliminate them one by one and eventually get up to the Boss. An easy way to kill him is to keep throwing pikes at him. Make sure time does not run out while fighting the Orcs.

When you are fighting the hordes of Uruk-Hai at the bottom of the staircase leading to the Boss, look for the vats of lava. Use your invisibility move to sneak up on it. When you think the Uruks are close, press [Action] to spill the vats, killing all the Uruks. If there are any that remain standing, use the flame-tipped pikes.

This level does not have any checkpoints, but has many Orcs. Take Sam through the level and destroy eighty Orcs. After killing them, you will have to fight a fat Orc. Use fierce attacks to kill him, then hit the catapult to kill off the Orcs. Remember to look for buckets of fire to knock down to kill the Orcs. Also, when you reach bridges that you must pull down, put them down when Orcs are underneath to kill them.

When you get to a point where you have to climb a ladder, do so, then, defeat a few Orcs. You will see two barrels with blue rings around them. Press [Action] and the barrels will roll down and kill Orcs. Note: If you want the kills to be Excellent, you must kill a few Orcs before rolling the barrels.

As you fight your way through the level you will reach a circular room with lots of Orcs. Use Sam's special ability to become invisible. Immediately take a right and you will see some stairs. Fight your way to the top where you will see a rope leading to a chandler hidden in the shadows. Press [Action] to cut the rope, killing all the Orcs below. This will help get a large amount of the 80 required kills.

Cirith Ungol: Defeating the Boss

Stun him with a spear after you have destroyed his shield. The health bar will appear again. Then, attack him as long as possible. If the health bar disappears again, run away until he is going to take a new shield. Destroy the shield, stun, attack, run and repeat until he is dead.

Crack Of Doom: Defeating Gollum

Gollum is not effected by swords. You must parry and push him towards the edge. Once you do so, he should lose his balance and start to fall. He will try to climb back up. At this time, stab his hands with your killing move. It will take awhile to defeat eat him.

Go to the edge near the top of the screen and repeatedly parry as Gollum attacks until he steps back, goes into in an upright position, and shakes his head at the sky. When he does this, stop parrying and move out of the way. He will jump to where you were on the edge. Repeatedly do a speed attack until he starts flailing. Then, do a fierce attack and when he is hanging on the edge, stab him with the killing move. Repeatedly do this until he dies.

You tend to take less damage using Speed Attacks against enemies, as opposed to Fierce Attacks. A lot of times their swords will hit yours since it is moving so fast, thereby doing little damage. Continually Speed Attack Gollum and aim him toward the edge. Use Speed Attacks until he begins to teeter on the edge, then use your Fierce Attack. This will send him hanging on the edge; use the Killing Move to send him plummeting. Watch out -- he will be back. Also, you cannot fall off the platform, but fortunately Gollum can. If you try to fall, you run in place against the edge, as if there is an invisible wall there. hen Gollum sits in one place and does a strange shrieking noise, he is getting ready to attack Frodo. He will either strike you with Fierce Attacks that you can Parry, or a flying leap that will knock you over no matter what. You will notice that he alternates these attacks. Dodge out of his way, then go after him with your attacks.

Escape From Osgiliath: Avoiding Nazgul

When the Nazgul arrives, hide under anything that you can get under. When the Nazgul's life meter appears, hide.

Escape From Osgiliath: Defeating Big Orc

To kill the big Orc near the end, break his armor. You can either pull back your ranged weapon as far as it can and release it on him; or when playing as Faramir at level 9 or higher, have him use Helm's Hammer. It will also break his armor. Note: Use Faramir on every level repeatedly to get his level up to 20 or so. Use him on Bosses such as Shelob or the King of the Dead, and their health will go down rapidly.

Escape from Osgiliath: Saving Time

In co-op mode, have one person climb the ladder and shoot Orcs from a distance. The Nazgul meter does not appear until both characters are up. It is now easier to get to cover under the roof.

Minas Tirith: Top of the wall

After you destroy the fourth tower, go down one set of stairs, then go back up. Go to the top of the tower. Pick up the objects on top of the tower. They will give you more experience.