Monster Lab Wii Cheats

Cheat Codes

Geco Codes, US

The following codes work only when used with a softmodded Wii running the Gecko OS (or compatible homebrew application). These codes WILL NOT WORK without a compatible application.

Game ID: RM7E4F

Battery 99

C2212218 00000004

2C0A000A 4081000C

9343000C 4800000C

3B400063 9343000C

93430010 00000000

04212390 60000000

Receive Damage 9999

C2214C80 00000006

2C1E0000 4182000C

7C07412E 4800001C

2C090002 4081000C

7C07412E 4800000C

3800270F 7C07412E

60000000 00000000