Nemesis of the Roman Empire PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

During the game play press [Enter] then type one of the following codes:

prelit - Show BuildLight() value

_toggleinvrects - Show rects over units

showflatterrain - Strange terrain

pr () - Print indicated string

removedecors - Remove bushes, trees, and other decorations

save - Save game

spawn(,) - Spawn indicated number of units

setplayer - Switches player in multi-player mode

testadventure - Test adventure integrity

esg - Display information about enemy squads

togglefog - Toggle fog of war

togglevis - Toggle houses and decorations

_black - Black screen

debugselected - Debug selected unit

usr - Describe selected unit

gaikafd - Display green tiles over the non-objects and black tiles under objects

printmemstats - Display memory statistics

quit - Exit game

exportobjs () - Exports all objects into indicated file

exportterrain () - Exports all terrain into indicated file

flatterrain - Flat terrain

pause - Pause and resume game

ttest - Translation test

ae - View level properties

advexplorer - Built-in MYTH option

mousepos - Display mouse position

gmp - Display pointer coordinates

dumpobj - Display selected units ability

addfd - Display white tiles all over non-object areas; black tiles over object areas

desync - Dump desync_test.txt file

remfd - Reverses AddFD code

screenshot - Save .BMP format screenshot

dumpfunctoxml - Dump dump_try.xml file

rayoflight - Display "Abe ti me buzikash s tezi parametri maj,a?" message

_dbgsel - Display danger for current selection

settlementcount - Display settlement count

explorer - MYTH function

shrinkentities - MYTH function