Shrek Forever After PS3 Cheats


100% Green Ogre (Gold)Fill up the Ogre Power meter
Back to the Grave (Bronze)Beat the Skeleton battle in the Peasant Village
Big Treasure (Bronze)Open a big treasure chest
Catacombs Complete (Silver)Complete 100% of the Catacombs
Docks Complete (Silver)Complete 100% of the Docks
Dragon's Keep Complete (Silver)Complete 100% of the Dragon's Keep
Fear My Roar (Silver)As Shrek, scare five enemies at once
Green And Mean (Bronze)Scare an enemy as Shrek
Just Getting Started (Bronze)Get your first health upgrade
Let's Have Some Fun (Silver)Defeat an enemy in the Cooperative Mutliplayer mode
Let's Start a Sing-a-Long! (Bronze)Use Donkey Radio on an enemy
Ogre Camp Complete (Silver)Complete 100% of Ogre Camp
Ogre Horn (Bronze)Sound-blast an enemy with Fiona
Ogre Mayhem (Silver)Complete the Cooperative Multiplayer mode puzzle in the Peasant Village
Ogre Outlaws (Silver)Complete the Cooperative Multiplayer mode puzzle in the Docks
Ogre Outpost (Silver)Complete the Cooperative Multiplayer mode puzzle in the Swamp
Ogres Rock! (Bronze)Win the training fight in the Forest
Paid the Piper (Silver)Defeat the Pied Piper in the Catacombs
Peasant Village Complete (Silver)Complete 100% of the Peasant Village
Purr... (Silver)As Puss, enchant five enemies at once
Queen of the Swamp (Silver)As Fiona, sound-blast five enemies at once
Ring Them Bells (Bronze)Find and return all three bells in Peasant Village
Rumpel's Palace Complete (Silver)Complete 100% of Rumpelstiltskin's Palace
Shopping Spree (Silver)Purcahse all store items
Shrek Goes Green (Silver)Fill half of the Ogre Power meter
Sinking Ship (Silver)Sink the pirate ship
Swamp Complete (Silver)Complete 100% of the Swamp
Swamp Sweep (Bronze)Defeat the witches in the Swamp
Swamp Sweet Swamp (Bronze)Use the magic mirror
Team Shrek (Silver)Defeat an enemy with each of the four characters in 1 battle
The Party's Here (Silver)Complete a battle while in the Cooperative Multiplayer mode
The Royal Highness is Heinous (Gold)Rumpel Defeated
Too Cute (Bronze)Use Puss in Boots' 'big eyes' to charm an enemy
Towers Are For Sissies (Bronze)Defeat the Fairy Godmother in Dragon's Keep
True Love's Kiss (Platinum)Unlock all other trophies
Where's the Party? (Silver)Use Donkey Radio on five enemies at once