Ragnarok Online PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

To activate the corresponding feature You'll have to enter one of the following commands in the chat window:

/w - Show number of players on same server

/tip - Open today's tips

/ex <character name> - Block personal messages from named players

/in <character name> - Allow personal messages from named players

/h - Show other control keys

/where - Show current location

/nc - Auto attack enemies without [Ctrl]+[click]

/noctrl - Continue attacks; does not work on spells

/ns - Auto heal enemies (undead) without holding [Shift]

/fog - Toggle fog effects

/organize <party name> - Create a party

/guild <guild name> - Create a Guild; must have Emperium item

/gocp <guild name> - Disband Guild that you created

/effect - Toggle skill and casting effects

/miss - Toggle red miss indicator

/ex - Lists blocked personal messages

/inall - Allow personal messages from everyone

/exall - Block personal messages from everyone

/leave - Leave current party

/expel - Kick player from your created party

/savechat - Save current chat dialogue

/camera On - Turn camera focus on

/camera Off - Turn camera focus off

/memo - Save warp point; only with Warp Portal skill


Reverse Heal skill

By typeing /noshift in the chat window when facing undead opponents and by using the Heal skill, you will be attacking them with it. Keep in mind not to try this on enemies that are not undead, as it will heal them. Hold [Shift] to heal yourself while in this state.

Type /ns in the chat window to enable reversing heal. With it, you can use the heal skill to kill the undead type enemies. Your in-game mouse pointer will now be a sword when you move it over players. This may make it difficult to move around or run away.

Shortcut for continue attacks

Type /nc in the chat window to enable attacks without having to continuously click the mouse button.