Raven Squad Xbox360 Cheats



If You complete the indicated task You'll get the allotted gamerscore.

Faithful Companion (100) - Successfully complete all missions in the cooperative multi-player campaign on any difficulty.

We're Outta Here! (60) - Complete the single player campaign on any difficulty.

Experienced Commander (45) - Complete 5 missions in veteran difficulty.

Clean Sweep (40) - Complete any of the missions without using any skill ammo.

Supervisor (40) - No enemy soldiers get to the workers in mission Ruins of Amazonia. Veteran difficulty required.

Survivor (35) - Complete mission Revenge without letting any of your squad members become incapacitated.

Perfect Soldier (35) - The elite guards of Juarez can't incapacitate any of your squad members in mission Boys Meet Girl.

Exotic Parts (30) - Kill 20 enemy soldiers by explosions.

Stealth Approach (30) - Get to the gates without being detected in mission Alliances.

Joint Venture (25) - Complete the mission Revenge in the single player campaign.

No Way Back (25) - Complete the mission Shattered Hopes in the single player campaign.

Amateur Archeologist (25) - Complete mission Ruins of Amazonia without damaging the dig site.

Cannon Fodder (25) - No one got incapacitated at the grenade trap in Morning Coffee. Regular difficulty required.

Clay Jungle (25) - Complete the mission Urban Nightmare in the single player campaign.

Coffee Break (25) - Complete the mission Morning Coffee in the single player campaign.

Prison Break (25) - Complete the mission Alliances in the single player campaign.

Touchdown (25) - Complete the mission Touchdown in the single player campaign.

Trapped (25) - Complete the mission Wet Dusk in the single player campaign.

Urban Liberty (25) - Complete the mission Ferry of Styx in the single player campaign.

Village Cleared (25) - Complete the mission Village Attack in the single player campaign.

Trojan Horse (25) - Complete the mission Ruins of Amazonia in the single player campaign.

Protector (20) - No one got incapacitated at the clearing defense in Village Attack. Veteran difficulty required.

Rock Solid (20) - Keep the enemy away from the civilians in mission Alliances. Veteran difficulty required.

Safe SAM Stroll (20) - Get to the SAM site without getting incapacitated after Point Alpha in mission Touchdown.

Buddy Tag (20) - Successfully complete a mission in cooperative mode.

Woodsman (20) - Complete Wet Dusk without any of your squads becoming incapacitated. Regular difficulty required.

Skilled Tactician (10) - Acquire the machinegun nest in mission Shattered Hopes and kill 5 enemy soldiers with it.

Superior Marksman (10) - Deliver a headshot in FPS mode from over 75 meters.

Tank Top (15) - You used the tanker truck to eliminate the defenders at the square in mission Ferry of Styx.

Initiation (15) - Complete the Prologue.

Living Thunderbolt (15) - Successfully use the Flash grenade skill 10 times.

Anti-sniper (15) - Kill the sniper in mission Urban Nightmare before he notices you. Veteran difficulty required.

Bombastic (10) - Blow up at least 5 vehicles in mission Wet Dusk.

Bounty Hunter (10) - Deliver 50 lethal headshots.

Alliance (10) - None of the escorting Brazilian soldiers die in mission Urban Nightmare.

King of the Labyrinth (10) - Kill Rodriguez in mission Morning Coffee.

Expert Charger (10) - Get through the ruins in Shattered Hopes before the militia catches up. Veteran difficulty required.

Cleaner (10) - Kill all enemies at the plantation in mission Morning Coffee.

Elite Hunter (10) - Kill 5 of the base's elite defender soldiers in mission Revenge.

Tough Kid (10) - No Infiltrator member went down while at the camp in Village Attack. Regular difficulty required.

Jeep Killer (5) - Use your first rocket to kill the jeep in mission Touchdown. Regular difficulty required.

Kill the Source (5) - Destroy all 3 enemy troop carriers in mission Ferry of Styx.

King of the Hill (5) - Complete the village defense objective without leaving the village square in the Prologue.

Merciless (5) - Kill all fleeing enemies after you defended the village in the Prologue.

Reunion (5) - Reunite the squads in mission Touchdown.

Bullet Magnet (0) - One of your squad members has been incapacitated more than 11 times.