Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

Before You begin keep in mind this procedure involves editing a game file so create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Once You've done than use a text editor to edit the "civ4config" file in the game folder. Change the "CheatCode = 0" line to "CheatCode = chipotle". Press [~] during game play to display the console window. Type help to display all codes that are entered at the console window.

help - Display all console window codes

App.calcFolderChechsum <directory> - Compute md5 checksum for the directory tree specified

App.setMooseDbg2 <integer> - Set debugging value

App.setMooseDbg1 <integer> - Set debugging value

App.takeFullScreenShot - TGA full screen shot in .ScreenShot directory; requires "AllowScreenShots=1" in ini.

App.takeScreenShot - TGA screen shot in .ScreenShot directory; requires "AllowScreenShots=1" in ini.

App.setMaxFrameRate <floating number> - Set maximum frame rate; 0 to disable

App.setIniFile <group key>, <key>, <value> - Update existing value in the ini file

App.crash - Crash game

App.getBuildTime - Return the application link time

Game.toggleTextureAccessInfo - Toggle output of texture loads/accesses to debug output

Game.AIPlay <integer> - Force AI to play for indicated number of turns

Game.createSelectedUnitKFs - Create sequences associated with the selected unit

Game.freeSelectedUnitKFs - Free sequences associated with the selected unit

Game.saveWorldBuilderSave <filename> - Save WorldBuilder save description file

Game.toggleAnimationTest - Toggle Animation Test Tool

Game.gfcDirChooser - Show GFC directory chooser

Game.gfcfiledlg - Show GFC file dlg window

Game.testGFC <integer> - Show GFC test popup

Game.testFont bool bEnable - Show test popup

Game.testPythonPopup - Show the Python test popup

Game.testPopup - Show test popup

Game.scrollBottom - Scroll to the bottom

Game.scrollTop - Scroll to the top

Game.clear - Clear the listbox below

Game.helpScreen - Display the help popup

Game.toggleDebugMode - Toggle debug mode

Game.showWBPalette bool bCreate - Debugging

Graphics.FindBlackPlotsAndCities - Finds entities with black emissivity

Graphics.HideAttachables - Hide attachables

Graphics.ForceLightingUpdate - Force light update on all entities

Graphics.ReBuildTerrain - Rebuild terrain and lighting

Graphics.SetHillScale <floating number> - Set Hill scale

Graphics.SetPeakScale <floating number> - Set Peak scale

Graphics.setWaterHeight <floating number> - Set water plane height

Graphics.quadTreeDepth <integer> - Set render depth for quad tree

Graphics.toggleWater - Toggle water

Graphics.displayTerrain bool bOn - Display terrain

Graphics.toggleGridMode - Toggle grids

Graphics.showTexturePalette - Dump texture palette

Graphics.setTextureMode bool bOn - Set texturing

Graphics.setWireframe bool bOn - Set wireframe

Profile.morphGlobe <integer> - Morph the globeview count times.

Profile.rebuildCity <x coordinate>, <y coordinate>, <integer> - Rebuild city indicated number of times

Profile.rebuildPlot <x coordinate>, <y coordinate>, <integer> - Rebuild plot indicated number of times

Profile.dumpAnimLog - Dump animation information to debugging window

Profile.setSpikeThreshold <milliseconds> - Set minimum time to capture spikes; set to 0 to disable spikelock

Console.History - Dump console command history

Console.CreateDocumentation <filename> - Writes HTML documentation for the current console commands

Console.Clear - Clear the console

Log.status - Display current logging status

Log.toggle - Toggle logging

Log.clear - Clear the log file

Map.empty - Erase units and cities from map

Map.fill - Fill map with units and cities for performance testing

Map.generateGoodies - Replot Goodies

Map.generateBonuses - Replot Bonuses

Map.generateFeatures - Replot Features

Map.generateRivers - Replot Rivers

Map.eraseGameElements - Erase Rivers, Features, Bonuses and Goodies

Map.replaceGameElements - Replace Rivers, Features, Bonuses and Goodie

Map.setActiveLandscapeID <landscape number> - Change the active landscape info

Map.erasePlots - Erase all plots

Player.testUnitIter <integer> - Test player unit iteration

Player.changeGold <player number>, <gold> - Change players gold; 0 is active player

Player.setGold <player number>, <gold> - Set players gold; 0 is active player

Sound.noMusic - Stop music

Sound.reload - Reload audio scripts

Sound.stopSoundScape - Stop Soundscape from playing string <filename> - Play sound - AS2D, AS3D, ASSS

Xml.reloadGameText - Reload Game Text xml files

Xml.reloadLandscapeInfo - Reload Civ4TerrainSettings.xml

Xml.reloadArtDefines - Reload Civ4ArtDefines.xml

You can also type Console.CreateDocumentation CommandList.txt to create a list of cheat commands in a text file which can be found in the game directory.


Debug mode commands

Use the following commands after enabling the Game.toggleDebugMode code:

[Ctrl] + [Plus] - Increase highlighted city's culture by 10 or level up highlighted unit

[Plus] - Instant production completion for highlighted city

[Ctrl] + W - World editor

[Shift] + [ - Decrease highlighted unit's strength by 0.2

[Shift] + ] - Increase highlighted unit's strength by 0.2

[Ctrl] + 4 - Increase gold by 1000

[Ctrl] + D - Display debug menu

[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Left Mouse Button] - Insert unit/city

[Shift] + [Plus] - Increase highlighted city's population by 1

City editor

Highlight a city, then press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Left Mouse Button].