Space Chimps Wii Cheats

Cheat Codes

Gecko Codes, US

The following codes work only when used with a softmodded Wii running the Gecko OS (or compatible homebrew application). These codes WILL NOT WORK without a compatible application.


Have all Media

42000000 90000000

026C8166 00002710

E0000000 80008000

Have all Costumes

42000000 90000000

006C816B 000000FF

E0000000 80008000

Infinite Health

077FA41C 00000010

2818015F 40800008

D0230010 4A8F4FC4

040EF3E8 4970B034

Infinite Jumps

077FA400 0000001C

2C1C0001 40820010

2C1F0000 40820008

3BE00001 9BE40004

4AB16014 00000000

04310428 494E9FD8

Globhoppers x5

04024540 3FE04014

04024558 C8210008

0402455C 60000000