SpecForce PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

While playing the game press [~] to bring up the console, and enter your codes in the following format:


where the code is one of the following commands:

GodMode - God Mode on/off

AddAmmo - Sets the ammo count to 500 for every weapon

TuneWeapons - Increases damage for weapons in your inventory

GiveAmmo8mmLong - Gives 8mm ammo

GiveAmmoShotgun - Gives ammo for shotgun

GiveAmmo9mmShort - Gives 9mm ammo

GiveAmmo12mmShort - Gives 12mm ammo

GiveAmmo14mmLong - Gives 14mm ammo

GiveAmmoRockets - Gives rockets

GiveAmmoEnergy - Gives energy

GiveC9S - Gives short silenced rifle

GiveC9A5 - Gives short rifle

GiveOCICrom - Gives heavy sniper

GiveMatsonACC - Gives sniper

GiveNoNFrager - Gives shotgun

GiveTAINitron - Gives machine gun

GiveMAXatron - Gives heavy rifle

FullHealth - Full health

TuneImplants - Makes your implants replenish energy

NextMission - Skip level

GiveKnife - Gives knife

GiveGrenade - Gives grenade

GiveTC234 - Gives pistol

GiveGLDragoon - Gives heavy rocket launcher

GiveClusterGrenade - Gives cluster grenade

GiveHealtex - Gives health

GiveOCS - Gives neural health

GiveCloakingDevice - Gives cloaking device

GiveMatsonCAFS - Gives rifle

GiveTC234Sup - Gives silenced pistol

GiveBjornHD - Gives heavy pistol

GiveLeRogue - Gives heavy HEX

GiveOCIX4 - Gives heavy electro

You may use [Up] and [Down] cursor keys to cycle through previously entered codes.