Box art - Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

To use these You'll have to bring up the console. Press [~] while playing the game. After that type "sv_cheats 1" in the console to activate cheat mode. Then type any of the codes below (they do not work in multiplayer mode):

give # - Give Item # (see the list below)

give weapons - All weapons

give health # - Sets health (#=highest in easy is 200, in others is 100)

give armor # - Sets armor (#=highest in easy is 200, in others is 100)

give weaponnum # - Gives weapon (# is weapon number)

+button3 - Enable constant multi-player taunts

-button3 - Disable constant multi-player taunts

^# - Set name color (# is a color number, see the list below)

name # - Change name

model # - Change model

setviewpos X Y Z (R) - Go to the set position (R = rotation)

g_gravity - views current gravity level

g_gravity # - Set the gravity level (default is 800)

ui_closingcredits - Views closing credits

dir video - Views a list of available cinematics

cinematic <movie> - Plays a movie

bind X Y - Sets a hotkey (X) for function (Y) (so setting F12 for screenshot would be 'bind F12 screenshot')

sv_cheats 0 - Deactivates cheat mode

vid_restart - Restarts video engine (takes a short while, may see desktop briefly)

r_gamma # - Sets brightness (#=number above 1.0 brightens display, number below 1.0 darkens display), 1.0 is default

give tricorder - Displays name, weight & height of objects and gives name, rank, species, health & weapons if scanning a life form

undying - Armor and Health maxed out to 999

noclip - No clipping

notarget - Invisible to enemies

map_brig - Hidden level

cg_thirdperson 0 - First-person view

cg_thirdperson 1 - Third-person view

cg_thirdpersonrange # - Set third person view range to 1-100

devmap # - Enable cheats for level on server (# is a map name)

map # - Load Map # (see the list below)

kill - Suicide

quit - Quits the game

god - God Mode

Items List: Phaser, Compression Rifle, Scavenger Rifle, Tetryon Disruptor, IMOD (infinity modulator), Tricorder, Health, Ammo, Weapons, All, Stasis Weapon, Grenade Launcher, Photon Burst, Dreadnought Weapon, Armor, Paladin Weapon, Desperado Weapon, Klingon Blade, Bot welder, Bot laser, Bot rocket, Forge proj, Forge psych, Parasite, Borg weapon, borg taser - dev only, Paladin weapon, All. NOTE: Some weapons are not programmed as sprites and might crash the game!)

Map Names: borg1, borg2, holodeck, voy1, voy2, voy3, voy4, voy5, stasis1, stasis2, stasis3, voy6, voy7, voy8, scav1, scav2, scav3, scav3b, scav4, scav5, scavboss, voy9, borg3, borg4, borg5, borg6, voy14, voy14, voy15, dn1, dn2, dn3, dn4, dn5, train, dn6, dn8, voy16, voy17, forge1, forge2, forge3, forge4, forge5, forgeboss, voy20

Color numbers: Red - 1, Green - 2, Yellow - 3, Blue - 4, Cyan - 5, Pink - 6, White - 7, Black - 8.



Action Figure & Other Items Locations

This is how You should read the following lines:

Item - Location - How to get it

Raven Software Plaque - Deck 15 (On the wall in the room with Crewman Dischler).

Tetryon Pulse Disruptor - Deck 10 (Inside jefferies tube above the small cargobay).

Rick Biessman in morgue - Deck 5 (Use the control panel by the door in the medical lab in sickbay).

Security Acess Codes - Computer Core on Deck 9 (Use Jefferies Tubes to get there, then use control panel to get codes.)

Austin Chang Action Figure - Deck 9 In computer core room, behind panel next to Voyager map.

Borg Foster Action Figure - Deck 8 In Astrometrics.

Chell Action Figure - Deck 8 On crate in the back of the cargo bay.

Stasis Fireflies - Deck 4 In Chell's quarters.

Harvester Legs - Deck 2 In the corner closet in Neelix's kitchen in the mess hall.

Seven of Nine Collector's Plate - Deck 2 On a wall in Neelix's quarters.

Elite Force Poster - Deck 4 Inside Tom Odell's locker in locker room.

Alexander Munro Action Figure - Deck 2 On a table in the mess hall.

Alexandria Munro Action Figure - Deck 3 On a couch in Chakotay's Office.

Les Foster Action Figure - Deck 4 In the brig (Use the control panel to lower the forcefield).

Rick Biessman Action Figure - Deck 5 In the hallway by sickbay.

Photon Burst - Deck 8 On a catwalk in the cargobay (you must beam in from Deck 4 to get to it).

Grenade Launcher - Deck 4 Inside Rick Biessman's locker.

Arc Welder - Deck 4 Inside the cargobay on top of a shelf (You'll need to first beam the crates in from the transporter room. The crates let you jump up to get the weapon).

Borg Slayer Game - Deck 15 (Beam there from Deck 4 transporter room. Choose Ventral Maintenance from the list of destinations).

Juliet Jurot Action Figure - Deck 10 On a crate in the small cargobay that is by the docking clamps control panel.

Telsia Murphy Action Figure - Deck 11 Behind the warp core on the second level.

Captian Proton Gun - Deck 3 On Tom Paris' bed in his quarters.

Stuff that you can read or do in game

Activate Red Alert on the bridge

Activate Self Destruct on the bridge

Astrometrics library

Cargobay log on Deck 8

Library on bridge

Padds in briefing room on bridge

Neelix's recipes on the counter in the mess hall

Disease library in the medical lab

The Doctor's log and padd on his desk in sickbay

Everyone's personal logs in their quarters

Seven's personal log in cargobay with her alcove

Shooting range results next to holodeck

Shut down the warp core the same way you did in single player

Weapon information next to holodeck