The Temple of Elemental Evil PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

To enable these The Temple of Elemental Evil cheats, right-click on the game desktop icon, select Properties and then edit the Target field. Add " -code" (without the quotes) at the end of the line so it reads "C:......ToEE.exe" -code. For example:

"C:Program FilesTroika GamesToEE.exe" -nofog

Here is the list of codes:

nofog - No fog

startmap <map name> - Load map

noantialiasing - Disable anti-aliasing

window - Start game in a window

nosound - Disable sound

fps - Show FPS

Hex Cheats

Edit your character

To edit your character's attributes do the following:

1. You will need a hex editor like Hex Workshop.

2. Create a character.

3. List down the name and ability score you put in the character. Note: you want the ability score pre-race modifier added or subtracted. Note: the ability scores goes in this order STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA. Note: for example you have assigned 10 11 12 13 14 15 to an elf, which has a modifier of +2 dexterity, -2 constitution, thus making the end result 10 13 10 13 14 15, but this is not what you want, just write down the original which is 10 11 12 13 14 15. Note: the ability scores goes in this order STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA. Note: here are the list for hexadecimal for the number 1=01, 2=02, 3=03, 4=04, 5=05, 6=06, 7=07, 8=08, 9=09, 10=0a, 11=0b, 12=0c, 13=0d, 14=0e, 15=0f, 16=10, 17=11, 18=12, 45=2d 4. Now quit the game.

5. Open your Temple of Elemental Evil subdirectory.

6. Open Modules subdirectory.

7. Open ToEE subdirectory (this is the one inside modules subdirectory).

8. Open Players subdirectory.(go open the Ironman subdirectory (inside the player subdirectory) if you put the character in Ironman mode)

9. You will see your character that you created in here.

10. Open the TOEEPC file with your hex editor (or TOEEIMAN file if in ironman mode).

11. Use your hex editor to search for the hex value of (STR)000000(DEX)000000(CON)000000(INT)000000(WIS)000000(CHA). For example: STR=10 DEX=11 CON=12 INT=13 WIS=14 CHA=15, you will ask the hex editor to search for a hex string of 0a0000000b0000000c0000000d0000000e0000000f.

12 Edit the 6 values to whatever number you wish (highest I have tried is 45). Note: Edit only the values that correspond to the current value of your ability score, not the 6 zeroes in between each number. (I have not tried to edit the zeroes.)

13. Load up the game and if you are successful the character that you have created in the character pool have modified ability scores.

Editing saved games

The original module Temple of Elemental Evill gives maps and descriptions of encounters, secret doors and treasure. In addition to cheating on your characters you can also cheat in the save games. Pre cheating) Get all the unmodified stats, experience points and gold values for your characters. Convert them to hex and remember that Intel is little endian. (The number 2501 in decimal is 9C5 in hex, but on an Intel machine it is stored as c509)

1) Enter the TOEE directory but instead of looking in the player directory go to the save directory.

2) There should be a number of files including slotauto and slot000x (x depends on the number of times you have save the game. Also each set has the flowing extensions tfai, tfaf and gsi. We are interested in the tfaf file.

3) Open the slot000x.tfaf in your favourite hex editor. (x will be a number between 1-9 depending on what save game you want to hack. It will probably go higher than 9, but I haven't save that many games.)

4) Search for a character name (btw remember the case or select ignore case in the hex editor). There might be a number of entries for conversations that character has had in the game, but just ignore these. Once you find an entry without speech text near it page up a couple of times and you should see another character name from your party. If not page down and keep looking. The values for a particular character are in the file before the name.

5) Start searching using the hex values for attributes (str, dex etc.). As with the player cheat str 12 and dex 8 would be searched for as 0C00000008. Change them as described in the player cheat document. 1F is a good value to use.

6) Search for experience points. If your experience point total is 178 (Decimal 178 is Hex B2). Modify the B2 byte and the byte after it to FF (For example B200 would become FFFF). You will now have 65535 experience points. You can put it higher by changing the word (the next 16bit value) after the one you just changed. This seems to be pointless as the levels max out at 10. Although I haven't tried any multiclass characters.

7) Search for your money. You can also cheat this in game either using the cheat provided.

8) Repeat for each character.

9) Save the file. You may wish to make a back up. Hex Workshop prompts on saving to create a back up.

10) Open the save in TOEE and spend the next few minutes level increasing your characters.


Prevent NPC hireling looting

Instead of clicking on the bodies, leave them where they fall. When you get a chance or have cleared the map, exit the map and re-enter. The bodies will be gone, but there will be piles of loot where they fell. The NPC will not loot the pile. Walk over and pick everything up. Also, if your hireling has picked up something he/she cannot identify, when you are bartering select the NPC and drag the item to a different character's inventory. Normally when you try this, the NPC refuses to drop the item, but it works with unidentified items while in the barter menu.

Easy experience

Hire an NPC and simply kill him or her. This works well if you hire Otis, Elmo, Lareth, or any high level character. Once you have earned an Elemental Gem (easiest with Earth, Air, and Water), use it to summon a demon. Use a Rogue or Fighter to melee the demon with full attacks and kill it before the duration expires. When it dies, loot it to retrieve a free Elemental Gem for another character, at no risk, plus gain the experience for killing the creature.

When you first start the game, create your primary character and two or three others that you will import later. Start the game using only your primary character. Walk around Hommlet and talk to everyone so that you initiate as many of the side quests as possible. You will be able to finish some of them very quickly. Complete as many of the non-combat quests as you can, and since you only are using one created character, you will level him/her up several levels quickly. If you want to complete the three romance quests, you will need two male characters and one female character. Note: The two romances with the female NPCs may not activate if you are using evil characters. Go to the inn and import two characters of your choice. Make sure one is some type of offensive mage. The other can be whatever class desired, but if you choose another spell-caster make sure you hire Elmo, as he is a good high level fighter. Go out and complete the combat quests, but make sure you protect your new characters. Elmo can take care of himself. In Emrity Meadows, avoid the Bear and Giant. They are high level and the Giant can kill your party members with one blow from his club. Return there later after you are at higher levels to kill them. After you have leveled up to about level 5 or 6, go to the Hommlet Trading Post and kill Gregmag and Rannos. They give you a large amount of experience points, and since they are evil, you will not receive a reputation penalty. With your primary character now at a high level and Elmo along, you can easily defeat most enemies while you protect and level up your spell-casters. Also, in Nulb you can kill Otis for some good experience points and equipment. Otis is Elmo's brother, and if you choose to fight Otis, Elmo will side with his brother. This is a tough fight at lower levels, and Elmo is more valuable as your ally if you are only using three or four of your created characters. If you want to defeat Otis, turn Elmo loose first. After you kill Otis, you can return to Hommlet and Elmo will rejoin your party.