Tornado Outbreak PS3 Cheats


Unlock Trophies

When You complete each condition set here You'll get the allotted Trophies.

100% Complete (Platinum) - This trophy is automatically unlocked once all other trophies have been unlocked.

A Bad Plan (Gold) - Disrupted the bad man's bad plan.

Firenado (Gold) - Absorbed 1300 Fire Flyers.

Perfect Storm (Gold) - Completed a Vortex Race with a gold medal.

Sprite Slaughter House (Gold) - Absorbed 100 Fire Flyers at once.

Friends Till An End (Silver) - Released an Orb in multiplayer.

Ginormous Slalom (Silver) - Missed 20 gates, but still completed the race.

God save the Queen! (Silver) - Completed all levels in the United Kingdom.

Godzilla Would be Proud (Silver) - Completed Showdown with Omegaton.

I Think I'm Turning Japanese (Silver) - Completed all levels in Japan.

Moderate Storm (Silver) - Completed a Vortex Race with a silver medal.

Red, White, And Bruised (Silver) - Completed all levels in the United States.

Silent But Deadly (Silver) - Military Mayhem Zone 1: Absorbed all 17 scientists before growing 4 times (non multiplayer).

Sprite Cowboy (Silver) - Absorbed 75 Fire Flyers at once.

The Boss's Boss (Silver) - Released an Orb without losing a Wind Warrior during a Totem approach.

There's Waldo (Silver) - Unlocked first bonus material.

Waldo's Daddy (Silver) - Unlocked all bonus materials.

Who Are You Trying To Please? (Silver) - Absorbed and held at least 20 Fire Flyers before destroying 25 things.

Green Eggs And... (Bronze) - Completed Chicken Con Carnage.

Just-In-Time Tea-Time (Bronze) - Completed Ringling Village.

Mix Masta Stomp (Bronze) - Performed a Stone Stomp that destroys 10 objects.

Old McDonald (Bronze) - Absorbed 50 chickens.

Passive Aggressive (Bronze) - Absorbed 15 Fire Flyers at once without grabbing.

Adequate Storm (Bronze) - Completed a Vortex Race with a bronze medal.

Apt Pupil (Bronze) - Absorbed all 50 Fire Flyers within the last zone of the campground.

Chivalry is Dead (Bronze) - Completed Camelot Falls.

Coaster Toaster (Bronze) - Completed Carnival Chaos.

Played Nice (Bronze) - Played in a local multiplayer session.

Taking Out The Trash (Bronze) - Completed Double Wide Damage.

Slacker (Bronze) - Absorbed the minimum number of Fire Flyers in a non-tutorial level (non multiplayer).

Sprite Herder (Bronze) - Absorbed 50 Fire Flyers at once.

Tanks For The Cleanup (Bronze) - Completed Military Mayhem.

Tornado Without A Cause (Bronze) - Destroyed 100 things without absorbing any Fire Flyers.

Tsunami Envy (Bronze) - Completed Coastal Calamity.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (Bronze) - Completed High Roller Blowout.

You're A Loose Cannon (Bronze) - Destroyed a cannon.