Triple Play Baseball PC Cheats


Automatic homerun

Hold [7] + [8] and press [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down], [4] on a game controller. Your next swing will be a homerun on contact, even if it is a bunt.

Big glove

Catch a ball that is going over the fence or make a diving catch.

Home run sounds

Press A (air horns), D (whistles) while running around the bases after hitting a home run. Note: Set the Sound FX volume to maximum for best results.

Pulsating glove

Make three diving or wall-climbing catches in a game.

Pulsating bat

Score five runs with the same player in a single game .

Big ball

Throw three strikeouts in a row with the same pitcher.

Tiny head

Get sixteen hits in a game with a team.

Power-up defense

Make three double plays in a single game.

Pulsating head

Score twelve runs in a game by a team.

Power-up speed

Steal six bases in a game with a team.

CPU assist

Score ten or more runs to win a game.

Big head

Score four runs in a game with a team.

Strong arm

Get two pick-offs, caught stealing, or outfield assists with the same player

Small players

Get more than eleven hits in a single game.

Skinny players

Hit a home-run with a player who weighs less than 150 pounds.

Tall players

Get eight hits in a game with a team.


Points list

The game awards points for doing certain things in season mode, . These points can be used in the season store to buy new stadiums, legendary players and better player attributes. The point system is as follows:

Grand slam- 400

Homerun- 300

Triple play- 500

Double play- 300

Stolen base- 200

Triples- 300

Doubles- 200

Strike out opponent- 200

RBIs- 100

Win- 100

Four or more homeruns cap out at 1000 points.