Ufo Aftermath PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

Before You continue keep in mind You'll be changing a file so make a backup copy before You begin. Now, to enable UFO: Aftermath cheats find "config.cfg" file in the game install directory, open it with Notepad and add the following line:

KEY "cheats" BOOL TRUE

If there is no such file, you must run, and save settings with the configuration tool.

Save the changes, start the game and enter the following UFO: Aftermath cheats in the console window (press [Shift]+[~] to bring it up):

destroyobj - Destroys objects under the cursor

visibility - Shows the current visible area by your squad

hitpoints - Shows health status

godmode - God mode

quickvictory - Win a mission (don't try it on missions like Area51 as you wont get any items)

quickabsolutevictory - Win a mission with all items recovered

quicklose - Lose a mission

allplans - Shows paths (enemies are grey)

allitems - All weapons

hireunit - Adds a new member to your squad

finishrd - Complete current research

canparalyse - Removes all paralysing effects on squad

cancontrol - Removes all mind-control effects on squad

firecheat - Extend weapons range

enemies - Shows all enemies in area

heights - Shows terrain level/height flat or sloping

ids <0-6> - Shows your squad position

unitsashidden - Units become ghosts

flare - Puts flare or light source around squad members

scenemode - Cycles textures