Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga Wii Cheats

Cheat Codes

Gecko Codes, US

The following codes work only when used with a softmodded Wii running the Gecko OS (or compatible homebrew application). These codes WILL NOT WORK without a compatible application.


Equipment Gallery Complete

04198474 38800001

04198480 7C8381AE

Character Gallery Complete

04197E84 38000001

04197E88 9803CB68

Monster Gallery Complete

04198048 38000001

0419804C B003CC72

Access all Portals (Temp)

04125120 38600001

Access all Races

041546F4 38A0000F

041546F8 90A6D528

All Jobs Available

040F42E4 7C031800

Enable Equipment Menu

040FA224 3BE00001

Infinite Attribute Points

04154AEC 38600064

04154444 2C000063

Infinite Status Points

04100198 38800063

Max Status Attribute

0810024C 38000063

20060014 00000000

Infinite Skill Points

077E2400 0000000C

38C00063 B0C31E6E

4A9265B0 00000000

041089B4 496D9A4C

Max Skill Attribute

04109174 3800000A

Gain Sale Price

0416BB68 7CC01A15

Max Gold from Sale

0416BB88 901E7258

0416BB8C 48000004

Pass CP Check

040FD61C 7C000040

04018E0C 7C000040

EXP Gain x100

040184A4 1F840064

EXP Gain x1000

040184A4 1F8403E8

No Status Change

0407CCD4 60000000

Stats Upgrade x2 (Temp)

04603034 40000000

Infinite Stamina

04018B70 A8641E94

Infinite HP

0407CD28 60000000

Quick HP Regen

04018C6C A8041E8E

Infinite MP

04083F94 7C601B78

Quick MP Regen

04018CDC A8041E90

Pass MP Check

04083F8C 7C000000

Infinite TP

04018D60 A8651E92

Infinite BST

0407546C D00472E4

04075470 FC000040

Infinite Bag Items

077E2418 00000010

38000009 B01C0004

2C040001 4A9BF3C0

041A17E0 49640C38

Infinite Belt Items

040BF49C 60000000

Infinite Weapon Durability

04080990 60000000

Auto-Appraise Items

077E240C 0000000C

38000001 981F0006

4A922330 00000000

04104740 496DDCCC

One Hit Kill

040511F0 38001388


Items Remain With New File

Put all your equipment and money in your house. Save, then quit. Delete your file and start a new file. Check your house and all your items will be there from the deleted file.

Stolen Skills

Select the class with an active or passive skill you want, such as the fighter's Quick HP Regen, mage's Attack Spell, or a priest's Healing. Level up, select skill, then set to active or passive slot. Then, change class. All set skills will remain until you remove them.