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Just Cause 4 Motion Blur – Can You Turn Off Motion Blur?

Just Cause 4 is available to play now for anyone who pre-ordered either the Digital Deluxe or Gold Edition of the game. As such, people are finding plenty about the game, including the levels of Just Cause 4 motion blur. It turns out, for now at least, that the levels of motion blur in Just Cause 4 are extremely high. Can you turn motion blur off in Just Cause 4? If not, can you reduce it? There’s nothing blurred about our guide.

Just Cause 4 Motion Blur – What’s the Issue?

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios’ latest foray into the explosive world of Rico Rodriguez is in the hands of eager players already, and many of them have noted how extreme the levels of motion blur are. Motion blur can look very appealing when used somewhat sparingly, but it looks as though it has been turned up to 11 if this video is anything to go on. Some people have even claimed that the issue is so bad on both PS4 and Xbox One (the Pro and X, too) that it has made them feel unwell. Important to note, however, is that the issue is affecting Just Cause 4 console players only.

Just Cause 4 Motion Blur – Can You Turn it Off?

Typically speaking, we can either turn off motion blur altogether in games or turn the visual effect down. This is not the case in Just Cause 4, at least not on console.

As of writing, there is no option to turn Just Cause 4 motion blur off or to reduce it when playing on PS4 or Xbox One. Hopefully, Avalanche Studios will either reduce the effect in a patch or give us the ability to turn it down or off at some point in the future. You don’t really want to be playing a game that gives you a headache, now, do you?

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the motion blur issue exists in Just Cause 4 on PC…yet. We will update this post with the information as soon as it becomes available.