Bookworm Adventures PC Cheats

Cheat Codes


During the fight use one of these:

1234567890 - Max pertify potions,health potions & power up potions

0987654321 - Max health , power & defnce

123123 - 1 hit K.O.


Arena - Complete Book 3 in Adventure.

Minigames - Complete Book 2 in Adventure.

Tome Of Knowledge - Complete Book 1 in Adventure.

Unlockable - Bosses

A boss listing. Sorry this is an unlockable but this suits what I need most. Also forgive me for grammar and spelling. If you see two those are mostly the same.

Polydamas - Easy. Just three hearts. Beggining of game and book

Polyphemus - Easy, you level up before him

Charybydis - Easy, Same as above

Circe - Easy, basiclly review

Cerburus - Medium, twelve hearts and damaging attacks

Minotaur - Easy, Same as above

Hydra - 7 consecutive parts! Medium

Nemean Lion - Easy, if you are good at mini-game

Nessus - Easy, but medium if you stink

Medusa - Hard, end of book and big review. 30 hearts and hard replica of Circe.

Mystirius asasasin - Easy, partly review from last book

Thieves 12, 13, and 14 - Easy again. Same as above

Pharoh of old - Meium, petrify really hurts here.

Sphinx - Easy, solve his riddles for one hit ko. Riddle awnsers: Sky Wall Fist Truth Water

Dread pirate al robarts - Medium, gem steal introduction

Mama roc - Medium, bleed power here but can't heal

Mirage Xel - Ridiculously easy, Garnet and Saphirre are POWERFUL here

Maladin - Easy, You'll get the most amount of damage ever here.

Shaitan - Ridiculous. Survive his minions, get KOed. Really hard, get a Crystal to help.

Twisted Vizier - You're getting used to armored, but a good ol' medium would be good for his rating.

Angry Mob - Hard. Ridiculous book three. Everyone is hard here. ( Except The Creature)GRTD

Eternal Wanderer - With the endless gem pouch and Schimitar of justice, you're even. Bring a ruby tile--

Frankenstien - HARD. heals whenever you get him to ten hearts. Realy Realy Really HARD HARD-


The Creature - Medium, Poision IMMUNITY hard though

Grim - AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Harder than Frankenstien and the wolf man put TOGETHER!

Fallen Wizard Hero - Hard, but the other fallen heroes prepare you for him.

The mummy - Hard. Close behind grim.

Dracula - Not the last boss, but hard. He's what everyone expects him to be. But who's last???

Codex! - Professer coodex