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Just Cause 4 – How to Holster Weapons

A proper way to holster weapons in Just Cause 4 seems to be Avalanche Studios’ way of making their latest game more realistic than past iterations. While it’s a nice feature, it does seem a bit strange to manually put away weapons in a game where you can create all manner of crazy and creative moments, but we digress. Is there a Just Cause 4 holster weapons feature present in this title, and if so, how do you perform it?

Can You Holster Weapons in Just Cause 4?

You certainly can put away weapons in Just Cause 4, and it isn’t an automatic function that protagonist Rico just performs, either. Other recent games, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, have the player’s character automatically holster their gun when it’s not being used. This has been irksome for some players who want to keep their weapons out, but Just Cause 4 foregoes that and lets you do it manually.

How to Holster Weapons in Just Cause 4

To put away your weapon in Just Cause 4, you only need to tap one button on your controller. If you’re playing on PlayStation 4, you’ll want to double tap the square button. If you’re playing on your Xbox One console though, you’ll need to double tap the blue X button instead. These buttons should work if you use a gamepad on PC too. If you’re using a mouse and keyboard combination, however, you’ll need to press and hold the “R” key to make it work.

Having to holster weapons in Just Cause 4 probably won’t bother most players, but there are some who will want to know how the action is accomplished. Our own staff have mentioned that it bugs them when they cannot holster their weapons manually in other games, so for Avalanche Studios to include this feature means that someone is listening. Props to them for it, we say.