Box art - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Ultimate Nintendo Switch Bundle – Can I Buy it Post-Launch?

Smash Bros Ultimate will be in the hands of Nintendo fans across the globe on December 7. Some have believed the hype so much that they’ve shelled out for the Smash Ultimate Nintendo Switch bundle ahead of release day. Some haven’t though, and are wondering if it’ll be available to buy the Smash Ultimate bundle after launch or not. Here’s the answer

What do You Get in the Smash Ultimate Nintendo Switch Bundle?

The Smash Ultimate Nintendo Switch bundle is a limited edition package that comes with a grey colored Nintendo Switch, grey Joy-con controllers, and a download code for the game. What sets this bundle out from any others, however, is the art motifs that adorn the controllers and the Switch dock.

The Switch dock is a specially designed one that features fighters from Smash Ultimate, such as Mario, Pikachu, Yoshi, Kirby, and more. The Joy-con controllers, meanwhile, have the iconic Smash logo stamped on to them – the fabled cross spanning both the right and left hand portions of the controllers.

Will the Smash Ultimate Nintendo Switch Bundle be Available After Launch Day?

It could be. The bundle is available to buy online or in retail stores again, after it had initially sold out upon Nintendo offering initial pre-orders on it. This is dependent on different countries, however. The UK’s Amazon store has the bundle available for £320, but the US Amazon store is still only listing used or new bundles for an eye watering $498. Here’s hoping that a fresh batchwork their way to the States, despite it being a limited edition one.

Smash Ultimate‘s release date means that parents, families, and any Nintendo fan has just over a fortnight to buy the bundle for someone – or themselves – in time for Christmas. If it’s available where you live, it’s a good idea to buy it now just in case you miss out, and Nintendo don’t make anymore.