Box art - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Ultimate Saving – How to Save in Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is out now, and there’s a lot of content to unlock, including a simply ridiculous amount of characters. If you’ve spent ages unlocking things you want to make absolutely sure that your progress is saved, but how does Smash Ultimate saving work? Does Smash Bros Ultimate save all the time, only sometimes, or do you have to save manually? What about in Classic Mode? How do you save in World of Light? We’ve got the answers.

How Smash Ultimate Saving Works

When it comes to regular saving, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is very generous. In order to save your progress normally, all you have to do is complete a match. So if you meet a new challenger and want to unlock them, once you’ve defeated them the game will save automatically. In Classic Mode it’s a little different, as you’ll have to complete a full run in Classic before the game saves. Don’t turn off your Switch during a run and you’ll be fine.

How to Save in Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light

Smash Ultimate saving in the much longer World of Light campaign, however, is different. For the first time, you can actually save manually. During a playthrough, you can save the game by press either the Start or + button, depending on what controller you’re using. This will pull up the options menu. You’ll see Difficulty, Controls, Inventory, How to Play, and most importantly, Save. Choose that option, and Smash Bros Ultimate will save your World of Light campaign adventure up to that point, along with everything you’ve unlocked in it.

The game does autosave at various points, but just to make sure you don’t lose everything, pull up the options menu and save manually whenever you can. We’re sure you don’t want to lose anything you’ve fought for.