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Smash Ultimate Smash Run – Is Smash Run Mode in the Game?

Smash Bros Ultimate is finally in the hands of Nintendo fans everywhere, and there are plenty of game modes to keep them entertained for a while. One that some players want to know about is a Smash Ultimate Smash Run mode. Is this available in the latest entry in the series or not?

Smash Ultimate Smash Run – What is Smash Run Mode?

Smash Run is a game mode that was first introduced to the series in Super Smash Bros 4. It was one of two exclusive modes to the 3DS version of Smash 4 when it was released in October 2014. Smash Run consisted of an unusual amalgamation of platforming and exploration across a number of stages, with the usual fighting mechanic thrown in for good measure. Players had to increase their stats with items found in chests, and defeat their enemies as they became more powerful throughout the run.

Character customization was a part of the Smash Run game mode too. This enabled players to grant their character a selection of “powers”, such as healing, attacking, and boosting. This in turn would help players complete challenges, earn gold to spend on other items, and obtain trophies to display in their cabinets.

Is There a Smash Ultimate Smash Run Game Mode?

For those who loved that mode, we’re sad to say that there isn’t. The game mode isn’t available in Smash Ultimate, and so it remains an exclusive game type to Smash 4.

There could be the opportunity to introduced a Smash Run mode as downloadable content in the future, if Nintendo receive enough calls from the fanbase to patch it in. For now though, players will have to make do with the variety of other game modes on offer in Smash Ultimate. That, or you’ll have to fire up your 3DS and load up Smash 4 to play Smash Run instead.