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Just Cause 4 Origami Goats – How to Find Origami Goats Easter Egg

Players have been discovering all sorts of Just Cause 4 Easter eggs since it released on December 4, 2018, and today, a Just Cause 4 Origami Goats Easter egg has been found. What is the Origami Goats Easter egg in Just Cause 4? Where can you find the paper goats? Do they do anything? All is revealed below.

What Are Just Cause 4 Origami Goats?

The Origami Goats in Just Cause 4 do exactly as they say on the tin. They are goats, but origami ones. While we don’t know exactly how the Origami Goats came to be, or what sort of black magic gave them life, we do know what they do and where you can find them. Thanks to Redditor u/emeruga for the discovery.

While there are Origami Goats in Just Cause 4, sadly, they don’t move. We’ve tried attaching balloons, boosters, and more to them, but they won’t budge. Oh well. We wonder if there are any other origami animals in Just Cause 4, or if there are only Origami Goats? Let us know if you find any more paper wildlife, folks. We wonder how they survive the tornadoes and extreme weather of Solis.

Where to Find Just Cause 4 Origami Goats Locations

Just Cause 4 Origami Goats

Some mountain climbing will be required to find the Origami Goats in Just Cause 4. The paper goats are hidden towards the snowier climbs of some of Solis’ tallest mountains. All you need to do to find the Origami Goats is head to the area of Solis we have highlighted in the map above. Once there, walk around for a while and you’ll be sure to find them in that general area. It’s up to you what you do with the paper goats, but we’d recommend taking some particularly interesting wildlife photography. National Geographic will be highly interested in your findings.

Make sure you don’t get a paper cut though! For everything Just Cause 4, keep on keeping on GameRevolution.