Insaniquarium Deluxe PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

Type one of the following codes at any tank screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

prego - Original prego sound

space - Space background

time - Displays time on tank

void - White screen background

welovebetatesters - New breeder fish birth sound

supermegaultra - New prego birth sound

wavy - Background waves

zombie - All fish look dead

Unlimited shells

Before You begin with this keep in mind this procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. You have to first get two users past the first tank. After that, get one user to rack up some shells (at least 500 to 1000). Then, type give at the main menu. A screen should appear with your two user names. There should be one name on top of the other. For example:

Remember the order. Refer to the user name on top as "User 1" and the one on bottom as "User 2". Remember the user number for the user with the shells. Then enter the game folder (usually c:program filespopcap gamesinsaniquarium deluxe). Enter the "userdata" folder in the game directory. Copy the user file (the number being either 1 or 2, depending on which user you want the shells to be transferred). Copy those user files and paste them in a safe place (such as the Windows Desktop).

Then, give all of the shells from one player to the other. Exit the game and the move the user file you put in the safe location back into the "userdata" folder in the game directory. Select "Yes" or "Yes to all" when asked if you want to overwrite the files. Start the game again. The user who you gave the shells to will still have those shells, but the user who gave that person the shells will still have the shells that you had in the beginning. You can do this repeatedly for unlimited shells.


Secret Virtual Tank Fish: Kilgore

Bought for 50,000 shells, Purple Ultravore.

Silver trophy

Unlock all four bonus pets, reach the four pet limit, and have the seven pet virtual tank limit.

Bring four pets to a level

After buying Walter, get 40,000 shells. With this you can buy the option to bring up to four pets to any level.

Clyde the Jellyfish: (Story 6 of 33)

Clyde, much like Stinky likes collecting money. Unlike Stinky though, doesn't collect money for just any lady. He is actually saving up to fianlly get his mother the operation that she needs. So just remember that every dollar left over at the end of a level might just go to Clyde's mother's operation fund.

Bonus Pet Stanley

After buying Nostradamus, get 30,000 shells. He will shoot balls at your enemies and do some serious damage.

Vert the Skeleton: (Story 7 of 33)

Some people are afraid of using Vert because they think that he is an undead product of dark occult forces and therefore may turn against them at any time. This is simply not true. Obviously, a bad skeleton would not give you gold coins. He would drop rat poison.

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Easy shells

When you have Amp the Eel, begin playing the game normally and accumulate some shells. Then, buy yourself a different type of fish and keep it alive. Once Amp tells you he can electrocute the tank, click on him until the lightning mark turns red and spend all your money on guppies. Once you have used up all your money, click on Amp. This should make him shock the whole tank and you will see a lot of diamonds drifting downwards. Repeat this to accumulate more money.

In virtual tank, set it up so you have Clyde, Seymour, and Zorf. Turn the screen saver on and they will earn you coins. Note: You must have some medium or large fish.

When in virtual tank, turn on screen saver mode. Allow fish to drop shells, show coins collected (power save mode is optional), and get a lot of fish. Then put Preggo, Zorf, and Stinky. Leave it running to accumulate a large number of shells.

Every day, buy a normal guppy and name it SANTA. It will turn into a Santa fish and drop bags worth 20 shells. Then, have Meryl, Presto, and Clyde (or Stinky). Change Presto into Meryl. Every time Meryl or Presto sings, Santa will drop three bags (each worth 20 shells).

This trick is useful if you want to easily get through the levels to reach the bonus round to earn more shells for your virtual tank after you have completed adventure mode. Take Amp, Angie, and Presto as your pets for any level. In the beginning, change Presto into Prego, so that you can have a lot of guppies. When Amp is ready to shock the tank, change Presto into Angie, so that you have two Angies. Then, before you shock, buy as many guppies as you can. Then, shock the tank. You will get lots of diamonds, and will lose hardly any of your fish because the Angies will revive all of your fallen fish. You will most likely only lose about four to five fish.

When you are playing the game where the shells are falling and you must click on them and put them in the bucket, just click on any bags. You will get a massive combo and may even get over 2,000 shells when you finish.

Save up 15,000 shells. Buy a breeder. Raise it until it fully grows. Wait for the free fish. Sell the breeder. Then, wait for the baby fish to grow. Wait to it grows to a large one and it will be worth 10,000 shells. If you are lucky, it will grow into a King guppy worth 15,000 shells. The breeder can be sold for about 5,000 to 15,000 shells, thus paying for itself.

In tank two in challenge, complete it ten times get 50,000 shells.

The tank three challenge reward is 20,000 shells. Pets: Clyde (collects shells), Seymour (take into all tanks; slows shells and increases total quantity gathered), Stanley (attacks all aliens but is especially helpful by exploding fireballs from Type U alien before fireball reaches targeted fish), Presto. Presto 1. Start out by changing into Shrapnel until you collect ten or more medium to large guppies. Change into Meryl. If there are tremendous amount of coins to collect after Meryl sings, change into Stinky to help collect coins then change back into Meryl. When the alarm sounds, change into an alien fighter according to the type of pending alien as follows. For Alien Types D and U, Change into Angie (Stanley will explode most fireballs; Angie will revive most all fish killed). For Alien Types P and II, Change into Gash.

In the time trial mode, tank 2, bring in Clyde (Octopus), Meryl (Mermaid), Seymour (Turtle), and Presto. Start with Presto as Vert (Skeleton Fish). Collect as much money as you can and buy as many guppies as fast as possible. When you have the food upgrade options available, upgrade quickly to the pills. Also upgrade to dropping the maximum amount of food at a time. Once you have the food upgrades, buy a few helpers from the egg icon with the question mark. Try not to go over $800.00.

Once you have lots of guppies dropping coins, change Presto into Stinky (Snail), even if one of the bonus pets you bought was already Stinky. Then, buy guppies until you find all you can do is feed fish. Let Clyde and Stinky get your coins. You should end up with over a hundred thousand by using this system. If lucky enough to get two Stinkys collecting coins, it is possible to get over $150,000, which is about 7,000 or 8,000 shells. Note: Alien Type "G" is usually the most common alien in this tank; upgrade the food to pills and maximum pills as fast as possible.

Food upgrade for virtual tank

After you buy the alien attracter (50,000 shells and Bubbleator required first), you can get a level three upgrade food for 20,000 shells.

Itchy the Swordfish: (Story 4 of 33)

Itchy wasn't always the grizzled, alien-attacking warrior that he is today. In fact, he used to be a watercoloring, vegan pacifist. Until oneday an alien invaded Itchy's tank. Itchy tried to reason with the alien, but it wouldn't listen. The alien ate Itchy's friends and this is when Itchy swore a blood oath to kill all aliens.

More shells

To increase your number of shells exponentially, you'll have to go into your system files.

First, make a whole ton of users in the game. Ex. name them USER 1....USER9. Play as one of the users and get some shells (complete the first tank). Quit the game. Then look for the directory where you installed Insaniquarium, and go into the userdata folder. Copy user1.dat and make as many copies of this file as you have users in the same folder. Ex. if you have 9 users, copy user1.dat 9 times. Then rename them to user2.dat, user3.dat... etc.

Run Insaniquarium. Type 'give' in the menu screen and you'll see a box with all the users in it. From there, you can transfer all the shells to one user (preferably the first user). Close the box, and then in Meryl's voice bubble, click 'If this is not you...' and change users. Repeat shell transfers.

Quit the game and, again, copy user1.dat and repeat the renaming process.

New fish for sale

The game uses your system date and time for the Virtual Tank. Change the system time to 11:59:59 p.m. to see the new fish for sale. You can also make fish grow very fast by feeding them three times then advancing your clock to 11:59 p.m. and repeating this process seven times. Note: For this to take effect, you must exit the game and reload it every time you change your clock.

Bonus Pet Brinkly

Get 20,000 shells. Brinkly requires you to feed him. When you do so, he will toss up stars which can be converted to money, or used as food to feed your Starcatcher.

Stars are not the only things that Brinkley throws. He will throw money in any form, including treasure chests. Note: The more valuable the item, the rarer. Also, he will not throw coins or beetles.

Niko the Oyster: (Story 2 of 33)

One question that always comes up when talking to Niko is: Why doesn't Niko open his mouth more often? There is a reason for this. It's because Niko thinks that opening his mouth may allow demons to steal his soul. Therefor, he keeps mouth opening to a minimum.


These are from 0 to 5, with 5 being the best:

1. Stinky: (2)

2. Niko: (2)

3. Itchy: (1)

4. Prego: (4)

5. Zorf: (3)

6. Clyde: (1)

7. Vert: (1)

8. Rufus: (4)

9. Meryl: (4)

10. Wadsworth: (3)

11. Brinkley: (1) or (4) if used correctly

12. Stanley: (3)

13. Walter: (4)

14. Nostradmus: (1) or (5) in VT

15. Gash: (0) or (4)

16. Amp: (1) or (3)

17. Rhubarb: (4) or (1)

18. Blip: (0) in Challenge or (4)

19. Gumbo: (3)

20. Sharpenal:(2)

21. Seymour:(3)

22. Nimbus: (1)

23. Presto: (4)

Recommended helper combo

A good helper combois Niko, Meryl and Vert as a money making team, You can get the maximum money with these.

Santa fish

Buy a guppy from the virtual store and name it SANTA . The guppy will turn red and white and sing Christmas songs. It will also drop bags worth 20 shells. Note: This can only be done once.


Stories can be unlocked in challenge mode. Each challenge tank must be repeated several times to be able to unlock all 33 stories.