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Smash Ultimate Isabelle – How to Unlock Isabelle

Smash Bros Ultimate players are continuing to fill their playable character roster by unlocking all of the game’s 74 fighters. One of the newest characters in Smash Ultimate is Isabelle. Here’s how to unlock Isabelle in Smash Ultimate if you don’t know how.

Smash Ultimate Isabelle – Who is Isabelle?

Isabelle is a dog character found in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series. She first appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and plays the role of secretary for your town in this game. She mistakes the player for the town’s mayor at the start of New Leaf, and coordinates all that you want to achieve in your town once you’re installed as mayor.

How to Unlock Isabelle in Smash Ultimate Classic Mode

You’ll need to load up classic mode with Pikachu to begin your run through to unlock Isabelle in Smash Ultimate. Work your way through Pikachu’s adventure until you reach the final boss, who funnily enough turns out to be another Animal Crossing character: the Villager.

Once you beat and unlock Villager, repeat Classic Mode with this character. Again, completing Villager’s adventure will through you into a fight with a new character—Shulk—who you can beat and unlock. Run through Classic Mode with Shulk to fight, beat, and unlock R.O.B., then repeat the process with R.O.B. to unlock Mega Man. Go through Classic Mode with Mega Man one final time and you’ll face Isabelle at the end of his adventure. Beat her and you’ll unlock her.

How to Unlock Isabelle in Smash Ultimate World of Light Mode

To unlock Isabelle in Smash Ultimate via the World of Light mode, you’ll need to head to the northwest region of the map. Before you do that, however, you’ll need to get the Kapp’n spirit from the Nintendo-themed city, which is next to where you get Inkling.

Once you have acquired Kapp’n, you can head northwest to a village that is located due south of the icy region, and due west of a fogged-up area. Scout the village until you find a yellow bus in the top right hand part of this area. Select Kapp’n in your “Spirits” menu, and he’ll transport you to a new area on the map. Once you’re out of the bus, head down the path to the south to find Isabelle.