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Smash Ultimate Simon Belmont – How to Unlock Simon Belmont

Smash Bros Ultimate’s roster is packed full of characters outside of Nintendo’s core cast. Simon Belmont is one of those playable fighters, and he can be unlocked via a couple of routes. Here’s how to unlock Simon Belmont in Smash Ultimate.

Smash Ultimate Simon Belmont – Who is Simon Belmont?

Simon Belmont is the protagonist of the Castlevania series. He’s charged with defeating Dracula, and a myriad of other monsters, using his whip, crucifix, and other items.

How to Unlock Simon Belmont in Smash Ultimate Classic Mode

To unlock Simon Belmont through Classic Mode, you’ll need to play through Link’s adventure a few times. You will come across a couple of other fighters that you need to beat and unlock to be able to get Simon Belmont to appear at the end of a classic mode run, so follow our guide below to see who you need.

First, run through Classic Mode as Link until you face off against King K. Rool. Beat him to unlock him, and then play through Classic Mode again. Beat the Ice Climbers at the end of this run, and then play as them until you come across Simon Belmont at the end of their adventure. Beat him to add him to your roster.

How to Unlock Simon Belmont in Smash Ultimate World of Light Mode

To unlock Simon via the World of Light mode, you’ll need to head to the village in the north west of the map. It’s the area that’s due south of the icy region in the far north west.

Once you’re in the village, head south west into the area that looks like an abandoned mine. This leads to a path that juts off from the main map regions. You’ll want to head right on the path as soon as you exit, and follow the path down – through the vines, and then take a right to hit a green button that’s not difficult to miss.

Hit this to unlock the third barrier to gain entry to the light temple in the icy region. The other two barriers can be deactivated on the Villager path. The first can be activated when you choose one of three routes at a crossroads point when you unlock Mario, and the second is in the heart-shaped pond after you get Fox. Fight through the enemies to the left hand path of the light temple to reach Simon. Fight him, beat him, and you’ll unlock him.