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How to Change the Smash Ultimate CPU Level in Training Mode

Smash Bros Ultimate can be an unforgiving game if you aren’t used to its competitive nature. If you want to get better, you may want to use the Smash Ultimate CPU Training Mode to get to grips with the controls and how each character performs. If the CPU level is too high or low, you may want to alter it. Here’s how to change the Smash Ultimate CPU Level in Training Mode.

What is the Smash Ultimate Training Mode?

Training mode in Smash Ultimate is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a game mode that allows you to practice your character’s moveset, and also enable you to see how other characters work. It’s a very useful mode to have, especially if you’re new to the series or you’re wanting to try out a new character to master for online matches, tournaments against your friends, or if you’re wanting to take part in competitive Smash Ultimate competitions.

How do I Change the Smash Ultimate CPU Level in Training Mode?

In training mode you’ll always come up against an AI opponent. The base CPU level for your foes is set at level 3, and for newcomers to the franchise – or parents who want to make the game easier for their kids – you may want to lower this down. Other players, meanwhile, may want to bump the CPU level up so they can practice against tougher opponents. This will help you when you come face-to-face with fellow human players online or at tournaments.

To change the CPU level in Training Mode, you simply need to click on the icon that displays the CPU character’s level. You will have to cycle through the levels to find the one you want, but it’ll make the AI easier – or harder – to fight against based on the level you choose. To cycle through them, simply keep pressing the “A” button on your GameCube or Switch Pro controller, or the arrow buttons on your Joy-Con gamepad.