Football Manager 2019 Must Respond Error – How to Fix

Football Manager 2019 has been out for a while now, but players keep running into annoying little bugs that are staining their experiences of the game. One of the more recent ones is the Football Manager 2019 must respond error. Is there a Football Manager 2019 must respond error fix to sort out this problem?

What is the Football Manager 2019 Must Respond Error?

Throughout Football Manager 2019 game saves, players have to respond to vital emails before they can progress to the next day or match. These can range from soccer player contracts to dealing with soccer player unhappiness, and require you to give a response.

It seems that there is now a glitch that is preventing some players from being able to progress in-game due to a must respond error. One user eventually got fed up, and took to the Sports Interactive forums to reveal this new bug, and asked for guidance on how to fix it. Were they successful in being able to resolve this problem?

How to Fix the Football Manager 2019 Must Respond Error

To resolve this issue, you’ll need to clear preferences or cache folder. This solution has been the go-to problem solver for a number of Football Manager 2019 related issues, and does the trick with this one too.

Exit Football Manager 2019 and then look for your cache folder. To find it, open up your File Explorer via the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of the screen, or be typing “File Explorer” into your taskbar. Look for the “View” tab in your file explorer, and make sure that the “Show Hidden Files and Folders” box is ticked.

From here, navigate to the Football Manager 2019 folder via this route: C:\Users\[Your Windows Username]\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019. Delete the “Preferences” or “Cache” folder that you find here. Reload the game, and you should be able to progress past this bug.