Star Wars: Episode One Racer,Star Wars Episode One: Racer PC Cheats


Extra money

Finish first place on the indicated track and circuit to unlock the corresponding racer:

Sebulba Boonta Classic - Galactic

Aldar Beedo Beedo's Wild Ride - Amateur

Ratts Tyerell Howler Gorge - Semi-pro

Mawhonic Andobi Mountain Run - Galactic

Slide Paramita AP Centrum - Invitational

Clegg Holdfast Aquilaris Classic - Amateur

Bullseye Navior Sunken City - Semi-pro

Ark Bumpy Roose Bumpy's Breakers - Semi-pro

Wan Sandage Scrapper's Run - Semi-pro

Bozzie Baranta Abyss - Invitational

Neva Kee Baroo Coast - Semi-pro

Ben Quadinaros Inferno - Invitational

Teemto Pagalies Mon Gazza Speedway - Amateur

Mars Guo Spice Mine Run - Amateur

Boles Roor Zugga Challenge - Semi-pro

Fud Sang Vengeance - Amateur

Toy Dampner Executioner - Galactic

Get $1000!

When you buy things in the Junkyard, enter: Shift+F4+4. You can do this five times after you have raced, and it only works when you are in the Junkyard.