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Pokemon Go New Attack Feature – How to Get Extra Charged Attacks

The Pokemon Go new attack feature allows players to teach their Pokemon an extra Charged Attack. This change came to Pokemon Go alongside the recently added Trainer Battles, which players have been eagerly awaiting for over two years. In order to do well in Trainer Battles and Battle Leagues, though, players will need to get used to using the Pokemon Go new attack feature to their advantage. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go new attack feature, including how to get an extra Charged Attack in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go New Attack Feature – How to Get Extra Charged Attacks

The Pokemon Go new attack feature is intrinsically linked to Trainer Battles themselves, as the feature was implemented in order to make Trainer Battles more interesting. Basically, as well as having access to a standard Fast Move and Charged Attack, Pokemon will now be able to learn an extra Charged Attack before beginning a battle with another trainer.

In order to do this, you’ll need to spend some of that Stardust that you’ve been hoarding since the announcement of Battle Leagues. Spending Stardust on an extra Charged Attack definitely gives you serious bang for your buck, as it makes you a much less predictable opponent. Teaching your Pokemon an extra Charged Attack can provide them with better type-coverage, allowing them to have much more of an impact in 3v3 Trainer Battles.

In order to unleash your Charged Attack, you’ll need to build up your Charged Attack meter by landing Fast Moves on your opponent. Once the meter is fully charged, you can hold down on the opponent’s Pokemon in order to charge your Charged Attack. While you’re vulnerable in this state, the Charged Attack has the potential to do devastating damage. With access to two different Charged Attacks now, your opponent will never see your next move coming.

Pokemon Go New Attack Feature – How to Get Second Charged Attack Back

The Pokemon Go new attack feature can actually be manipulated in order to make it even more useful in competitive battling in Pokemon Go. The most important thing in a trainer’s arsenal in an evenly-matched battle is probably how wide their extra charged attack pool is. With the Raid and Gym meta that was established prior to PvP in Pokemon Go, many players—especially in the upper echelons of Pokemon Go Battle Leagues—will be able to guess a Pokemon’s moveset the second they see its name.

One thing players have been doing is forcing a Pokemon into using a Charged Attack in order to lose its second one. This makes that Pokemon far more predictable, allowing players to engage in the remainder of the battle more confidently. However, a recent Reddit post has shown that there’s a way of using that comfort to your advantage by getting your second Charged Attack back, possibly allowing you to exploit an opponent’s weakness.

All you need to do is build up a Charged Attack using your Fast Moves, unleash that Charged Attack (hopefully KO’ing an opponent) and then go into the next phase of the battle. Immediately switch your Pokemon out and back in—it doesn’t matter with who—and you’ll see both of your Charged Attack meters on-screen again. Build up a Charged Attack using Fast Moves as usual and you’ll have a choice of Charged Attacks despite having used one in the previous part of the battle.

Switching has always been an important part of competitive Pokemon, but not in this sense. While switching into a Flying-type to counteract a Ground move was commonplace, it seems switching will serve a different function in Let’s Go’s PvP. So, if you need to get Ice Beam back on Mewtwo after unleashing Shadow Ball already, swap to another Pokemon and immediately swap back. You’ll have access to both Charged Attacks again and trainers who are out of the loop will be none the wiser!