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Gris Multiplatform – Is it Releasing on Xbox One and PS4?

We here at GameRevolution loved GRIS and we weren’t the only ones. Available to buy and play right now on Nintendo Switch and PC, Gris is a beautiful puzzle platformer, but is Gris releasing on Xbox One and PS4? Read on to discover if the exceptionally pretty game is becoming truly multiplatform with a Gris PS4 and Xbox One release.

Gris Multiplatform – Is Gris Releasing on Xbox One and PS4?

As of writing, the only machines you can play Gris is on Switch and PC. There has yet to be any official word from either Devolver Digital or Nomada Studios on whether or not it will make the jump to PS4 and Xbox One. This is a shame, as we found in our 5/5 review that “Gris is a mesmerizing puzzle platformer. You won’t want the experience to end, but when it does, it will stick in your head due to its poignant atmosphere and incredible visuals.”

Those of us without a gaming PC or Nintendo Switch are missing out on a visual treat, as of writing.

Is Gris Releasing on Xbox One and PS4 at Some Point in the Future?

Just because Gris is currently only available on Switch and PC, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will never come to the PS4 or Xbox One. Nintendo might have a timed-exclusivity deal as has happened in the past with indie games such as Overcooked 2. With no official word on a potential Gris port to Xbox One or PS4, however, we’ll just have to say cross your fingers and wait and see. Who knows? We all might be able to get our hands on Gris in the near future on any platform of our choosing.

With it also being on PC, there’s anincreased likelihood of it, at the very least, heading to Xbox One in the near future but, again, nothing has been confirmed.

For now, however, those of us wishing to play the game will have to buy it on Switch or PC. Fingers crossed, PlayStation and Xbox owners.