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Smash Ultimate World of Light New Game Plus – What is It?

So you’ve beaten the single-player campaign in Super Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light? You’ve made it through the World of Dark and got the best ending? Congratulations, but now what do you do? Concentrate on playing random people online, or maybe ask some friends to play? No, you play World of Light again! But is there a Smash Ultimate World of Light New Game Plus mode to make things a little different, and tougher? Let’s have a look!

What Happens in Smash Ultimate World of Light New Game+?

Once you’ve finished the Super Smash Bros Ultimate‘s World of Light campaign and try to play it again, you’ll notice you have the option to start a “New Game+” mode. There are several benefits to playing the Smash Ultimate World of Light New Game Plus mode, other than being able to play the single-player campaign again. You will have to start from the very beginning, however.

On starting New Game Plus, you’ll get the following additions:

  • Access to every fighter you’ve unlocked so far.
  • Your Skill Tree remains intact, so you can earn more Skill Spheres and carry on learning those adventure skills.
  • Access to all unlocked Activities, including the gym, dojos, and stores.
  • You can earn every Spirit again, so you can get doubles of them, which you can dismiss to get cores to summon rarer Spirits.
  • An additional 20,000 Spirit Points.

Can I Carry on My Old World of Light Campaign?

Absolutely, yes. You can carry on your old save file and try to get 100 percent in it, all of which you can then carry over to a New Game Plus mode. Furthermore, any New Game Plus campaigns you start can be saved on another save file, so you can always keep your original playthrough intact. It’s certainly worth going back to the old campaign, then.