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Zombie Farm iPhone Cheats

Somewhere between the world of Farmville and Plants vs. Zombies lies the iPhone game, Zombie Farm. You must not only raise crops, but the undead as well to take on the wicked Old McDonell and keep your budding agrarian career going. Do you have what it takes to run a small business and an army of brain-hungry minions at the same time? Can you save the farm and win the day?

Sure you can! And if you're having any trouble doing that, don't worry because we've got your back with a few helpful hints for quicker harvesting and more money, along with a few other tips to make life easeir (or harder if you think you can take on Corporateville at lvl.1) So grab your ho and prepare to get your hands dirty. You've got some Zombies that need farming!



No-Time Harvesting - Easy Money

Plant any type of plant (minute plants/zombies don't work as well. Or sometimes will not work.) Then click the home button on the iPod/iPhone. Then go to Settings>General>Date And Time>Set Date And Time. Then change the time to how long it takes to grow. Then go back on Zombie Farm and that plant/plants you planted should be ready to Harvest!

Hacks, money, zombies, brains, stats

If you have regestered ifile (if not download cracked from cydia) open zombie farm and then From there search .plist. these are the files you go into to hack things you want. We sugest going to the market.plist and editing a plant search(insert name here) and edit the grow time and sell price.

Invade CorporateVille

You can Invade CorporateVille on any level you are even 1 - watever, You have to open up the market where you buy things, and in the bottom left corner where it says 'Invade' tap that 15 times whle still having the market up. then get out of the market and it should have corporateville highlighted to invade. but it is really hard to win of you don't have a lot of level or experience.

Easy gold

Plant onions (the more you plant the more you get) then go in to seting and add a day on to your current day then go back to your farm and they will be Ready or near ready then repeat till you have anuf then put time back to norm all so works with invasions and zombies ( with invasions it will say hours just click on it and it wiil let you invad).


A Close Fight - Win an invasion with 1 zombie left.

A Grave New World - Collect the Blue Grave and Red Grave.

com.zombiefarm.f... - Win an invasion with no zombie casualties.

Do or Die - Win an invasion after the timer expires.

Easter Island - Collect all Monoliths.

Green Thumb - Have your garden zombie fertilize 100 times.

Grounds Keeper - Unlock all ground upgrades in the market.

Hall of Banners - Collect each enemy's banner.

Master's Degree - All active zombies are Masters.

Minute Man - Win an invasion in under 1 minute.

Mutant Parade - Unlock all zombie mutations.

Ready for Farmin' - Complete the farming tutorial.

Ready for Fightin' - Complete the invasion tutorial.

Rest In Peace - Unlock the Mausoleum.

So Vivid - Get a Double Rainbow from enemy loot.

Storage Galore - Fully upgrade your storage building.

The Biggest Loser - Lose 10 invasions.

The Corporate Banner - Collect CorporateVille's rare banner.

The Farmer's Banner - Collect Old McDonnell's rare banner.

The Ninja's Banner - Collect The Ninja's rare banner.

The Pirate's Banner - Collect The Pirate's rare banner.

The Rot Pack - Win an invasion with all 6 zombie types present.

Veteran's Day - All active zombies are Veterans.

What's Up Doc - Harvest 1000 carrots.

Zombie Apocalypse - Win an invasion 50 times.

Zombie Domination - Win an invasion with 2 or less zombie casualties

Zombie Invader - Win an invasion 10 times.

Zombie Ravager - Win an invasion 25 times.

Zombie Survivor - Have the same zombie partcipate in 10 invasions.

Zombie's Got Talent - Collect all zombie abilities