Box art - Original Gangstaz

Original Gangstaz iPhone Cheats

Cheat Codes

Put This

Put in redeem section in original gangster to get what's included in the cheat

Putthis - 10 street credits

Allthis - Recharge all stats

Redeem Codes

Go to social tab, scroll down and click on redeem. Enter the following codes on the line to redeem your prizes.

chargeone - recharged up all your stats

chargethree - recharged up all your stats

chargetwo - recharged up all your stats

takeoverre - charge all stats


Level determines gang size during fights

When you fight someone, the number of gang members involved in that fight is ten times the level of the player who has the highest level. If you are on level 10 and your opponent is on level 15, you bring 150 gang members to the fight, because your opponent has a higher level, and that level gets multiplied by 10. Even if you have 2000 in your gang, only 150 are going to be used.

Spednd monney

whenever you get money, spend it or put it in the bank immediately to avoid getting it stolen during a fight. But take advantage of your time in the hospital to gather money from slums, scratch lottos and run jobs while your hospitalized, because you can't get robbed of the money you have on you while you're in the hospital or dead.