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GodFinger iPhone Cheats


Unlockable - Achievements

By completing certain objectives in the game, you'll unlock special awards and titles.

Back in Black - Resurrect a follower.

Burning Love - Use the Firestorm Wonder.

Creator - Become a Level 30 God.

Dem Bones - Kill a skeleton.

Demigod - Become a Level 20 God.

Earth Shaker - Use the Super-Terraform Wonder.

Electrocution - Use the Electrostorm Wonder.

Fling a Follower - Approach - Throw a follower over 300m.

Fling a Follower - Long Drive - Throw a follower over 500m.

Fling A Follower - Short Game - Throw a follower over 100m.

Flood For Thought - Use the Flood Wonder.

Friends Forever? - Make your first Mystic.

Generosity Personified - Send 5 gifts.

Genesis - Get your first follower.

Hot Suff! - Use the Sunshine Wonder.

Idol - Become a Level 10 God.

Lord - Become a Level 40 God.

Mana From Heaven - Generate 10 Mana.

Mana Hoarder - Generate 25 Mana.

Mana Maniac - Generate 50 Mana.

Mana Mia - Generate 100 Mana.

Money, Money, Money - Collect 1,000 gold.

Popularity Contest - Receive a gift.

Rain on the Plain - Use the Rain Wonder.

Rumble in the Jungle - Use the Terrform Wonder.

Shrine Get! - Upgrade your shrine.

Sparky - Use the Lightning Wonder

Sunny Side Up - Unlock the Sunshine Wonder.

Supreme Being - Become a Level 50 God.

To Boldly Go - Add a Friend's Planet to your Galaxy..

We Built This City - Construct a building.

Earn huge amount of money

You have to add a quite experienced player (I chose "pawned"), because they've got more superfollowers. Once he accepts you (which will probably happen real quick) you can visit his planet and tap on a guy with a star over his head. It's also possible with other guys, but you'll double your income if you choose a star-guy. Well, next step: zoom out and click on any other planet he's friend with and repeat on as many planets you like. After 6 hours you gain money depending on how many planets you visited. For a star-guy you should get at least 100g. This way, you can easily gain gold in no time.

How to build a pond!?

Once you're level 10 use terraform to make a ditch then charge your rain cloud but don't let go until it says "flood 2 mana". Now, put the cloud over the ditch and let go.