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Gralat Farming

You can farm for gralats (in game currency) by buying a house with grass in it. After you buy your house, go to the Belle Isle Garden Shop and purchase some fences that will cover the front part of the farm.

Align the fences. Buy bombs. Throw bombs into the grass! Do NOT collect the gralats when they appear. Instead, let them stay there and keep throwing bombs at them. They will soon stack in value and turn into other colrs. These are the GRALAT VALUES:

Green: 1-4

Blue: 5-29

Red: 30-99

Gold: 100-999

Purple: 1000-9998

Black: 9999-Infinite

How to Get All Shield and Sword Codes

In order to get all shield and sword codes, yoou must have a jailbroken ipod.

1. Download iFile from Cydia

2. Go to var>mobile>applications>

3. Find your graal application

4. go to documents>levels>shields (Or swords)

5. All shields and sword files will be there.

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