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Win a Raid in Pokemon Go Reward

The “win a Raid in Pokemon Go” reward for December is definitely something you want to take advantage of. Pokemon Go offers trainers a plethora of tasks every month, from full-blown Research Breakthroughs to regular Field Research tasks. The latter sometimes contains some hidden and delightfully tangible gems and this month is no different. If you win a Raid in Pokemon Go this month, you’ll get yourself a truly worthwhile reward. Here’s how to find and win a Raid in Pokemon Go in order to get the reward for completing the win a Raid Field Research task.

Win a Raid in Pokemon Go Reward

In order to win a Raid in Pokemon Go and get the reward for doing so, you first need to find a Raid. You’ll likely be notified shortly before nearby Raids kick off, so if you’re an active Pokemon Go player you won’t miss a beat. On top of this, you can check Raid activity in the Nearby tab, which is the button located in the bottom right corner of the home screen. Here you’ll see tabs for Raids, Pokemon, and Team Leaders. Select Raids to bring up information on those that are near you.

There are five Raid tiers. The lowest usually has weak Raid Bosses like Magikarp, whereas the Tier 5 Raid Boss is currently the Legendary Pokemon Heatran. If you have some strong Pokemon, you should definitely take on Tier 4 and Tier 5 Raids in order to get the opportunity to catch some seriously powerful Pokemon. Bear in mind that you can take part in Raids with other players, so you don’t have to face them alone.

The win a Raid in Pokemon Go reward for December is a Porygon encounter, so you’ll have an opportunity to catch Pokemon as soon as you win a single Raid Battle. So, take to the streets and take on the first Raid you see!